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Chiron is a comet that was discovered in 1977. It has an orbit that oscillates between Saturn and Uranus and actually crosses orbits.

In Astrology, Chiron seeks out enlightenment through affirmation of its ability to heal wounds especially those wounds of others. They say that the internal wounds formed in early life, such as self-worth and insufficiencies, are carried forward into adulthood and that these wounds are particularly hard to overcome and heal. Through these internal struggles and the lessons that they teach, we are able to help others often before we can help ourselves.

As Chiron swings between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, Chiron can bring with it enlightenment and new avenues of expression by exploring competent and reliable information often learned through life’s experience. There is a need to rise above the original wound even though it can be very deep and can require much work to find new directions or alternatives that assist in moving beyond the injury and rising above the issue.

The sign and house position of Chiron show what area of life is involved and the character traits of the wound. In many cases, this is thought of as a spiritual wound and it also shows where we have great healing potential that can help others who have experienced similar wounds in their lives.

In order to heal ourselves, we have to face the issues, and we will need to work tirelessly to overcome the effects these wounds have on us.

It is said that the first house positioning of Chiron is the most challenging, perhaps due to the personal nature of the wound, as the first house represents us personally. In most cases, the healing powers that individuals develop during their lives are very powerful. Many with a challenged Chiron become doctors, psychologists and healers including modern day techniques such as reiki, hypnosis, etc.

Chiron’s energies do not necessarily have to be overly negative, as hard work often produces great results. As we learn to overcome deep-seated challenging conditions, we gain internal strength and learn valuable lessons. The house placement will often define where we have reoccurring difficulties and there is an urgency to repair these concepts and believed notions in order to move beyond the hurt. We are able to heal ourselves but not without hard work and a very disciplined approach. Sometimes the healing comes in sporadic moments of enlightenment or happens when we are not expecting it, but a rational and an honest approach will often work quite well.

On some level, our Chiron’s placement by sign and house position is indicative of the ability to heal human kind, and this is not to say that it will be on a grand scale, although we cannot rule this out. We can all certainly help others. We will, however, need to heal ourselves before we can do work with helping others.

The issues/injury we speak of in connection with Chiron often are a big part of our life’s story and most of us unfortunately hold on to these wounds for many years. Some individuals will be unable to integrate the healing requirements due to self-doubt and preconceived notions. If we recognize that, in most cases, we are the ones holding ourselves back. We CAN make great strides in overcoming our adversities.

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