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Astrology Chart Reports and Readings
Available And Their Purposes


The Natal Chart report delineates the planetary placements in the houses. If defines in particular the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant and any tight aspects between the planets. A Natal Chart is far more than your Sun Sign. This chart examines the characteristics with which we are born, both the challenges and the talents. Learn to develop your gifts and overcome the challenges.


Due to the characteristics that we are born with and the trends unfolding in our lives, we react to situations in a predictive manner. Progressed and transiting planets indicate on-going phases in your life. Progressions define internal changes taking place through the ever evolving personality. Transiting planets activate aspects in your Natal charts which are reflected in our immediate life events.


The Solar Return Chart focuses on the most significant factors for the upcoming year from your birth date forward . It has an uncanny ability to pinpoint likely life experiences.


Composite Charts are prepared when two people meet and form a relationship. It provides clues into the nature and function of the relationship. The relationship can be emotional, business or otherwise. This Chart reveals the compatibility of the individuals involved and provides insight into handling some of the more challenging aspects within the relationship and indicates the areas where there will be free flow.


The definition of empowerment is to increase the spiritual, social and educational strength of an individual. The Child Empowerment Chart is prepared for the parent to assist in just that. Understand your child's personality traits and their potential. By so doing, you can help them develop the skills that they were born with.


Lunar Node Charts speak of your past life strengths that are carried forward into this incarnation and the potential for spiritual growth. This chart describes where you came from and what you have returned to accomplish. This Chart will help you to understand and overcome the hurdles that this incarnation is offering in order to reach your soul's intended goals for this life. This Chart is very spiritual in nature.


We offer a traditional mathematically calculated Astrological Transit & Progression report reading partnered with a 12 card Astrology Oracle card reading which is based on the same premise as Tarot cards but they speak the language of Astrology. The guidance and insight in the Astrology CTI reading is obtained from the traditional predictive Astrology chart and from your higher self as reflected by the Oracle cards that turn up from the deck.

These are oral readings and there is no printed material. Clients are welcome to record their readings.

Tradition and the higher self come together to reveal what you need to know.

We will require you birth information prior to the reading to look into the transiting and progressed planets for the Astrology portion of the reading. These readings are by appointment only.

The Astrology Chart Report which should be the starting point for self-study and understanding is the Natal or Birth Chart.

Most clients however are interested in current events and would like their Charts to assist with understanding of current energies and decisions that need to be made today.

All charts are available as an oral chart reading either in person or over the telephone for $100.00 CDN for a single chart or $150.00 for a double chart. We also have triple charts available e.g. Natal, Transits & Progressions. If you are not local, long distance charges of an additional $10 for a single chart and $15 for a double or triple chart is applicable. You can have the option of calling us to eliminate our long distance chartges. Please contact us to verify whether long distance charges are applicable.

Point form notes can be purchased for any chart for $50 CDN

Each individual in-depth written Astrology Chart Report can be commissioned at the rate of $200.00 CDN  or a double chart for $300.00 CDN

CTI Readings are $185.00 CDN + long distance charges if applicable.

Also please watch for posts on our home page and on our blog for upcoming psychic and other shows that we will be attending in the future.

If you are happy with our services please tell a friend.

If you are not happy with our service, please tell us. We welcome your honest feedback.

"Peter is such a gifted, passionate and extremely accurate astrologer as well as a kind, humble and intuitive individual. Words cannot express this benevolent man's soul. I had a CTI reading done through Holm Astrology and was flabbergasted at the accuracy and amount of information, past, present and future delivered in that one reading. I left there feeling inspired, confident, self-aware and most importantly, self-accepting. Holm Astrology is well priced and well worth the investment. So much so, that I'm booking a reading party with several friends soon. If you're reading this testimonial it's because you're interested. Well, I encourage you to no longer hesitate! Book your reading with Holm Astrology and Peter will definitely WOW you." Clelia


I've just had my CTI (Combine Traditional Intuitive) reading using astrology tarot cards done by Holm Astrology. Peter very clearly and precisely drew out the characteristics and aspects of my past and my present. He painted a picture of who and more importantly why I am!! He then presented my future -- he has amazing intuition and knows how to present the information to ensure I understood the path ahead. Thank you Peter -- you have a wonderful gift!! CK, Barrie, Ontario


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