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Aspects to Neptune

We are working on this page and will be adding more Neptune aspects in the future.

Neptune is a mysterious planet, ruling the sign Pisces. 


Neptune is the planet of illumination, inspiration, intuition and psychic access.  It has also been tied to ambiguity, confusion, dismay, vulnerability and not seeing things as they truly are.  Neptune is the planet of psychic awareness even under the most distressful aspects and can be illuminated but twisted when in challenging situations.  Neptune is spiritual, can be religious, and will enhance your perception and any psychic inclinations you may have.

As it makes contacts with planetary energies within the framework of your natal chart, it will illuminate the energies of the planet and merge its emeries with the planet in question, especially when a conjunction is taking hold.  In some cases, Neptune will help solve issues that have been plaguing the individual especially when aligned in positive aspect to Mercury or Jupiter.  

In contrast, if Neptune is making a hard aspect like a square or opposition to Mercury, you will want to make sure that you are not blowing things out of proportion, and you should ensure that you are seeing things as they truly are.  Help from outside sources is often suggested especially if your Natal Mercury is under stressful aspects to other planets particularly to Neptune in the birth chart.

Transiting Neptune to the Sun or your North Node can bring forward goals and your life’s path can be highly attuned to deeper insight, and assistance may surface from outside sources that you may not have deemed likely in your life.  You may have visions or dreams that can open doors that have been closed or not even apparent for many years.  Neptune can instigate psychic energies that are straight from the light and into your consciousness for the first time in your life or open channels greater than those available before this time.

As we write this, Neptune will move into Aries next year (2025). Perhaps this might be a time when we move ahead with our own objectives in a more intuitive and spiritual quest and change the course of our own personal lives slowly as its energies unfold.  

Neptune also has to do with talent as it rules Pisces and the twelfth house.  Music, acting, art, etc. can become highlighted as Neptune opens pathways that have been closed prior to now.  Neptune can be magical in its delivery when well aspected to natal positions. It may bring energies you never believed could take hold in life.  

Neptune in Aries sounds personal and that is just what it is.  In the past 14-15 years, Neptune was in Pisces and what we were taught during this stay in Pisces can be used in personal terms.  This can be a time of awakening to your higher self, stimulating your intuitive faculties and bringing to life what you never deemed possible.  

Use Neptune’s energies to the best of your abilities and uncover the mysteries of life.

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