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Intuitive/Psychic Readings

Individual Intuitive/Psychic Readings or Home Parties


"Oracle" is from Latin "to speak". Oracle cards are an inspirational tool and speak to the recipient of information that is pertinent only to them.

We offer intuitive/psychic Oracle card readings. Card readings have been practices since ancient times. The cards herald messages from our higher self/spirit guides. These messages can help us to understand and move forward in our current journey.

Tarot cards, for example, are oracle but they speak a language specific to Tarot and that is the language the reader has studied. Holm Astrology uses Astrology symbol cards which speak the language of Astrology. This is the native language of any Astrologer.

It is the reader’s job to translate the message of the oracle cards to the language understood by the client.

Without getting too technical, Holm Astrology's Oracle Card Readings are an interpretation or analysis of the Astrological cards and their placement specific to your reading. These readings are as individual as an Astrology chart and offer information specific to you and you only.

Appointments can be book for readings in person or on the telephone.


Holm Astrology is offering free intuitive/psychic oracle card readings for hosts of home parties.

Invite a minimum of four guests (five including the host) for parties held in the City of Barrie.

The minimum number of guests is negotiable outside of the City's limits. 

All guests of the home party receive a one-on-one 30 minute private reading at a discounted rate of $60.00 each. Again, the host's reading is free!

Contact us to book your party.


I felt that Peter really connected with me and my concerns about where my life is going and what my focus needs to be at this time. He gave me a great reading that was very detailed. It was my first reading and he took his time and explained everything. I didn’t feel rushed at all.

I got information that showed me my strengths and my challenges as I walk my path. I have always sensed these things but was afraid to step into the light. Peter has given me the information that I needed to hear and now, it’s up to me to step up my game and honour my spirit instead of being lost in ego.

I am so grateful to Peter for being out there and channeling this information in such a clear and empowering way.

Besides that, it was also just so inspirational to me to see someone who takes his craft very seriously and is actually living what is so obviously, his calling.

Thank you, Peter!

A.B., Barrie ON

Oracle Card Readings are $65.00 CDN and are available in person or over the telephone.

Oracle Card Readings discounted to $60.00 each CDN for a minimum of four guests plus the host who, as a thank you, receives their reading free.

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