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The Ninth House

The Ninth house is naturally ruled by the sign Sagittarius and the Planet Jupiter. Sagittarius and Jupiter combined speak of optimistic expansion through the use of the mind and through life’s experience.

This house seeks to expand the scope of the mind's focus using whatever means appropriate to reach this understanding, whatever that understanding may entail.

Higher education is one scope in finding answers, whether this be through actual academic schooling or the schooling of life. As learning can come from many sources in the ninth house, long distance travel, foreign cultures and travel through the mind are all areas that relate to this house. Many of life’s issues and deeper understandings can be attained while visiting foreign countries and the people one meets along this journey. One seeks to discover more of our world through communication with people of different cultures to gain an appreciation of our life’s meaning.

The Ninth house provides learned information through gathering the meaning of things gained only through experience.

This is the house of philosophy and religious interaction, and any planets found in this house use their particular energies to uncover philosophic meaning to an otherwise conventional world.

Within the realms of the ninth house the higher meanings of life can be unearthed through wisdom gained in experience at any level that appropriately satisfies this yearning for truth.

Dreams and visions also come into play in this house, as the mind's focus shifts and works through channels that consciousness only discovers when delving into these states. Problems can be resolved through these channels. This issues can then be modified to fit into the proper channels and as a result will be understood on a conscious level.

The ninth house is where we uncover the truth through any channel that provides us with answers. It is the study of religion in its highest form and through philosophic understandings, we slowly weave our way through our life’s journey and uncover the deeper meaning of life and the ultimate truths.

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