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Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and of the tenth house.

Saturn is known as the task maker and challenges you in your life, to uphold written laws, to move forward in your quest for achievement and provides you with the stamina and perseverance to stay on course.

Saturn is known as the task maker because of its relentless pursuit in objectifying and setting standards in order for you to achieve your goals in life. Saturn makes you work for your rewards and only through a steady approach and applied pressure does Saturn’s rewards pay off.

Saturn moves around the zodiac every 28 to 30 years and these period’s, ages 29, 58 and 87 are turning points in our lives.

The first Saturn return, which occurs around the age 29, is extremely relevant to our lives and (depending which house Saturn is located in your birth chart) during this time many of us experience period significant to our relationship. Some will go through transformations within the home front (fourth house), some will experience relationship changes (seventh house) while others go through a transformation in their working environment and occupation (tenth house). The changed experiences will be reflected by the house.

The placement of Saturn in your birth chart represents an area of life that will require your attention and usually unless Saturn is accentuated with mostly positive aspects, will produce stumbling blocks and stress in overcoming obstacles in life. As stated, Saturn is the task maker, but it is also the disciplinarian, the teacher and the one that provides you with rewards for all your hard work, or provides you with challenges and obstacles to overcome when you try to ignore its influence in your life.

Saturn is planet of Karma and restrictions and delays. It is the teacher and the task maker.

Saturn rules Capricorn. It is associates with the Tenth House.

Some Astrologers say it co-rules Aquarius but again this is questionable.

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