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Neptune is a mysterious planet, ruling the sign Pisces. 

Neptune is very subtle in its nature and is known as the planet of illusion, inspiration and psychic perception.

Those with a strong Neptune in their birth chart often have mystical inclinations and psychic abilities. Neptune also has an ability to deceive and colour reality placing rose coloured glasses on many individuals when in transit.

Neptune also has to do with artistic abilities and inspirational writing. It has to do with musical talent and many with strong Neptune inclinations make great actors, as they are able to take on parts loosing themselves within the part that they are portraying. Neptune also rules mystery and many a mystery novel has been written through the influence of Neptune’s imaginary insight.

There are the unfortunate ones who indulge in drugs and alcohol in an attempt to withdraw from some of life’s more challenging moments and during these times, Neptune is often found playing havoc in their lives. The twelfth house is the natural ruler of Pisces and Neptune is also connected with this house. The twelfth house has to do with places of confinement and often deals with institutions such as hospitals and even asylums. The twelfth house is known as the dustbin of the zodiac, and this is often the place where we cover up life’s tumultuous conditions with the hopes that in some way they will disappear and this type of action is often facilitated through the influence of Neptune.

Dreams and dream psychology are also areas ruled by Neptune and someone with strong Pisces or a number of planets in aspect to Neptune can become so inclined and able to decipher the meanings behind our dreams.

Although Neptune through transit often colours the way we are viewing current circumstances, it also provides us with hidden or subdued talents. Through the use of an often overextending perception, abilities can produce psychic understanding about events that we normally are not able to penetrate.

Be careful to view your world clearly when Neptune passes over important points in your birth chart. Putting people on pedestals and viewing life through rose coloured glasses is often an offshoot during these unbridled times when Neptune plays games with reality.

Neptune also rules doctors, psychiatrists and anyone who goes below the surface of everyday life. If you can find a way to use the penetrating abilities that Neptune offers, you can see through illusion and find the answers that might have been hidden or laid dormant for extended periods of time.

Using your intuitive understanding and being open to dialogue from other sources beyond the realms of earth and material living will help you find places that you might not have known existed. Meditation techniques and mystical alignments are key ingredients to unlocking the true potential of Neptune’s deeper side and unlocking channels to the psychic connection we all share.

Neptune is the planet to illusion, inspiration and psychic perception.

It is the ruler of Pisces and is associated with the twelfth house

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