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The Eighth House

The eighth house is rather a mysterious house, although not quite as mysterious as the twelfth house. It is considered an occult house and many undertones related to the mystic have their origins in this house. The occult is closely linked to this house, as it is naturally ruled by Scorpio, which has its routes buried in the psychic underground

This house is ruled by the planet Pluto. Pluto regenerates and causes one to delve deep into one’s own psyche and discover the undercurrents that push and pull us to where we are meant to go throughout our lives. Pluto is all about transformations, and life and death issues which is closely linked to the eighth house.

Death and rebirth can be brought forward on many levels. This house deeply relates to death and rebirth. By the time a transiting planet passes through this house, we will have undergone a transformation which will focus on the energies of the planet transiting this house. If there are planets located within this house, such as the Sun, we will experience great changes to our core personality, especially if Uranus or Pluto are the planets transiting our Sun in this house.

This house offers support and an interest to uncover our most inner characteristics which are found deep inside that places that we may not venture often. When an outer planet is transiting through this house, we may be forced to dig up issues that have been locked up in our subconscious for years. The support that this house speaks about occurs when we confront these so called demons that have been dormant for years and face them head-on to transform them into something that can assist us in our overall growth

This is also the house of legacies, wills, inheritance, alimony and taxes. Depending on what needs to surface while a transforming planet such as Pluto passes through this area of our chart, these areas will be brought to the surface. Other people’s money is governed by this house as well as joint finances. Often these types of issues are resolved by the time a transiting planet passes through this house if there is a connection to these matters.

This is the house of the unspoken word, and often there are other powers related to spiritual connections associated to this house. People with many planets in this house natally often have a marked increase in psychic experiences and especially when linked to any signs that are in the element of water.

This is a powerful house and often the necessary changes that need to take place in a person’s life unravel during times when planets are transiting through this house. It usually takes a little time to uncover all the transformations that have taken place, as much lies beneath the surface and you will have to uncover the hidden messages that may be revealed during transits through the eighth house.

Sex is also under the domain of this house and much can be uncovered by the study of this house to ascertain the sexual undercurrents in a person’s life. The sign on the cusp will help to uncover much of these sexual undertones of the individual and how they respond to sexual "content" entering their lives.

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