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Mercury in the natal chart by sign and house position can vary a great deal. We will primarily discuss the planet Mercury in this section.

The planet Mercury is associated with the mind's focus and our attention. Its primary function is the act of communication, both on the receiving end and on the giving end. Mercury also has a lot to do with what could be termed as our everyday living, and our connections with the outside on an immediate level.

Mercury’s house position in the natal chart and its sign position indicate something about the way we think. It also has a lot to do with the learning process and how we become aware and absorb the information that the mind is incorporating into our point of focus.

Mercury can be interconnected with our schooling. For example, if Mercury is poorly aspected in the natal chart, we may have some difficulty completing our schooling. We could have problems with concentration, or the written word would not come as easily to us as it would to someone who has a well aspected Mercury. Knowing this can be helpful and assist us when our children are having difficulty understanding or focusing on their schooling.

Mercury has very little to do with feelings as it relates primarily on the non-verbal level. In some cases if mercury is in a very receptive sign (usually water signs) one can pick up information on other levels, such as telecommunication or through psychic channels.

The planet is an important factor in consciousness raising, as Mercury can be associated with making some areas of life apparently unconscious more conscious.

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by the planet Mercury and if you know any people with their Sun, Moon or rising signs (Ascendant) in either Gemini or Virgo, you may find that the mind is a strong active force in their lives.

Mercury is the Planet of communication.

It rules Gemini and Virgo and is associated with the third house and the sixth house.

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