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The outer planets also have return cycles although the only one we might experience would be the Uranus return which occurs around the age 84. The remaining outer planets (Neptune and Pluto) have much longer cycles and we would never live long enough to experience these returns.

We can, however, experience sextiles, squares and some minor aspects from these planets to their natal positions.

The outer planets move slowly and they are more connected with generations (affects many people at the same time). The main difference in their influence will be their alignment with other planets, their house positions and aspects to angles in the birth chart and through transit. This will be how they interact in our personal chart.

The Uranus opposition is quite notable and because of this, we will touch on it here. The Uranus opposition occurs in and around the age of 42. Some individuals experience this opposition as early as 38 and others can have it as late as 44. This is known as the mid-life-crisis in layman’s terms. It speaks of a need to break free of anything that is restrictive and there is a strong desire to begin something new and unique.

If you are going through a stressful period and you are between the ages of 28-30, 57-59 or 86-88, you are experiencing your Saturn’s return.

Some individuals consider the influence of this aspect "irrational". What takes place comes from within and there is a strong need for change or even a revolution of sorts because life has become stagnant and no longer satisfies our need for growth. People have been known to pick up suddenly and change jobs or leave partnerships that have been in place for long periods of time. To some this may be completely out of sorts but to others not so unusual. Much depends on the rest of the chart by natal positioning.

Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, and we can expect the unexpected in whatever areas of life (houses influence) are involved at the time. Things may take unusual turns and move in erratic manners. The events are often sudden and unexpected by those around the people involved. The main purpose of this timing factor in our lives is connected to the soul's need for growth and sometimes new experiences will be just what is needed.

It is best not to worry about life situations as our attitudes always have a big hand in what unfolds. Expect some change under this influence and always know that these changes are put in place for our greater good, no matter how things look under the aspect's influence.

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