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    On April 23, 2024 at 7:48 p.m. EDT, we will experience the energies of a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio at 4°. The Moon in Scorpio is in its fall position suggesting, although you will need to look at the natal aspects to your Moon for further ramification, that this is not an easy position for the energies of the Full Moon.  There may be some struggles attached to this energy. The energies will only be strong for those who have a planet or an angle either in conjunction to this position or in opposition to this position. Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio may indicate something of a challenging situation connected to sex, anger, disputes, ego interchange and a need to go deep within to find a resolution to a situation which likely began some six months ago when we had a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio.  This energy, which many experience shortly prior to the exact Full Moon timing, can be tumultuous and indicate a culmination of what has been in place.  Again, it is time to reap the harvest of what took place some six months ago. Changes are likely in store. This positioning is square to Transiting Pluto, so it speaks of something ending in order for something new to begin.  In many cases, people tend to swim upstream and fight the current of change which creates more disruption to what was in place. Once this change has taken place, down the road, we will realize we are right where we need to be. In many cases, there are no halfway measures with Pluto’s energies, and substantial transformation is at hand.  This may take some time to take in but again, it is taking you to where you need to go.  Some of the steps along the way may not be overly pleasant but what was in place no longer suits your new place in life. With this Full Moon in Scorpio, it this is a time for integration, a time for regeneration, a time of transformation.  You are ready to advance to the next stage of life even though you may not believe this currently.  You should make adjustments, take control of the situation, be patient, learn the lessons that have unfolded, stand tall and never give up. Be sure to move ahead with confidence knowing that at times life dictates and we follow because of our own best interests.  Processing events will be important but do not dwell on the negative as it only brings you to an unpleasant place. Learn from the process and release. Check your whole chart for the full story as no one influence gives the full picture. #astrology #HolmAstrology #astrologyposts #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram #astroworld #zodiacsigns #psychic #OracleReadings #fullmoon #Scorpio #ScorpioFullMoon #reaptherewards #challenges #lifelessons #change Holm Astrology not only offers astrology charts but also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at Are you interested in learning Astrology? Our spring classes are now underway.  Watch for announcements in late summer for our fall courses. Visit for course details. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X


    For those with their Sun in the sign of Taurus, this next few months should be eventful. What are the Sun in Taurus 2024 transits? Transiting Uranus, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are either already in the sign of Taurus or will soon be going into the sign of Taurus. Uranus and Jupiter are tied together in tight proximity throughout April 2024.  They form a conjunction at 21° so those with their Sun in Taurus and in close conjunction to this degree will experience Jupiter and Uranus forming a tight aspect in the natal chart.  Check the house position to get a clearer understanding of the area of life involved. Uranus speaks of change and often disruption, although the change it suggests are what is required as things no longer suit your evolutionary purpose.  This change can come when you least expect it, out of the blue and may disrupt the normal flow of life.  You may have had a few hints along the way suggesting that you needed to make certain changes and if you decided not to listen to the nudge then perhaps the energies of Uranus become more profound and are often uncomfortable. Jupiter, on the other hand, adds to what is taking place but often suggests that what is unfolding is quite positive even if it does not look that way.  Jupiter brings good luck and fortunate conditions, but don’t forget its energies are mixed with Uranus which calls for change at almost any cost.  Uranus is known as the awakener and does just that.  It awakens you to the obvious and challenges you to move forward in unexpected ways.  Jupiter will enhance this situation and quite likely make it bigger than life.  The indicators are that it will be a change for the better but not without some drastic changes at the same time which may be uncomfortable.  Jupiter expands what it touches. Venus moves into Taurus at the end of April and takes approximately 3 weeks to go through the whole sign.  Its impact will be less impressive but love and affection may be part of what it brings with it. It may also bring more social experiences which may involve a young female in one manner or another.  If, for example, the energies are in the fifth house, your children might be involved, or a love affair takes off.  Venus will join in on the energies of Jupiter and Uranus from about April 17 through to about April 27. Mercury moves into Taurus in the middle of May (after an Aries retrograde cycle ending April 26) and finishes off its Taurus tour in early June.  Sometimes Mercury would give you lots to think about especially if you moved ahead with goals prior to it returning to direct motion.  In many cases, there may be disruptions to plans or slowdowns during its retrograde cycle, but this positioning has to line up with your natal chart,, and for it to have a profound impact Mercury should also be retrograde in your birth chart.  One way or another, Mercury will make you think things through and focus on actions that might have unfolded or on what your next step will be. Happy solar return to our Taurus readers.  Enjoy your next cycle around the sun. #astrology #HolmAstrology #astrologyposts #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram #astroworld #zodiacsigns #psychic #OracleReadings #taurus #SuninTaurus #TaurusForecast #TaurusTransits #suddenchange #contemplation #expansion #loveandaffection #thinkthingsthrough Holm Astrology not only offers Astrology charts but also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at Are you interested in learning Astrology? Our spring Beginner’s and Level III classes are now underway.  Watch for announcements for our fall classes in late summer. Visit for course details. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X


    On April 19, 2024, we move from the Cardinal, Fire sign of Aries into the Fixed, Earth sign of Taurus.  The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, and Taureans are generally warm and charming individuals because of the influence of the planet Venus.  They can be social but also prefer to be by themselves at times.  Most are well-grounded and are considered stable, structured and reliable. Taureans want to achieve in life but also realize that it takes time and work to get to where they wish to be.  They slowly strive for financial security, and some become attached to money ventures and beautiful objects.  The feeling of owning something provides them with a sense of security and many begin to start saving at a young age. They are naturally sensual and seek out the physical because they are attached to what is real.  Anything that seems out of reach or beyond what might be considered normal or stable, they will try to avoid.  They don’t like change and will often go with the flow but at the same time remain steadfast with their values.  They don’t like to create waves and want things to have a sense of reliability and structure to them. Much of what they acquire provides them with a sense of self-worth as there is a need to feel secure.  Once they begin to acquire, they will have a hard time letting go.  They like what is comfortable and change is not high on their list.  They are considered stable, and they seek stability. Taureans seek structure and reliability.  In most cases, they are loyal once committed to whatever they seek out, whether that be an idea or a person.  They push ahead with their ventures and become fixed and steadfast in their approach. The Sun sign has to do with our personality and what motivates us.  It is also tied to goals and aspirations.  It is who we are on a very deep level and does not necessarily reflect on the outside, at least when people first meet us. At the end of April 2024 transiting Venus moves into the sign of Taurus and makes a conjunction with those with their Sun in Taurus. This contact will last until Venus moves into Gemini on May 23, 2024.  The energies of this contact will greatly depend on what degree the Taurus Sun is in the chart. Venus will be accentuated in the sign of Taurus and could enhance the Taurean’s ability to acquire material objects that are desired.  Perhaps they are thinking about buying a home or a car or perhaps they are thinking about a new relationship or building on an existing one. These are all potentials that might surface during this timeframe.  Much will depend on the house involved and other aspects of transiting planets at this time.  The house position shows the area of life that is reflected.  Other planetary links speak of other energies in place. We will look deeper into the aspects affecting our Taurus readers in our next post tomorrow. #astrology #HolmAstrology #astrologer #Astroworld #zodiasigns #astrologypost #psychic #oracleCards #Taurus #SunInTaurus #Venus #reliable #fixed #security #FinancialSecurity #structured #reliable Holm Astrology not only offers astrology charts but also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at Are you interested in learning Astrology? Our spring courses are now underway. Watch for announcements in late summer for our fall registrations. Visit for course details. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X

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    Natal Charts with Transits and Progressions With the proper tools, we can accomplish and/or overcome anything in life. Let Astrology offer insights to assist with your choices SORRY WE ARE CLOSED ​ Holm Astrology will be closed from Monday, April 22 to Tuesday, April 30. ​ We apologize for the inconvenience but we will be back on May 1 eager and ready to work with you! 2024 SPRING ASTROLOGY CLASSES Holm Astrology's spring classes are now underway. Please watch for announcements in late summer for information on the fall classes we will be offering. ​ Host an Intuitive Oracle Reading Party and get your reading free! Invite a minimum of four guests (five including the host) for parties held in the City of Barrie. The minimum number of guests is negotiable outside of the City's limits. All guests of the home party receive a one-on-one 30 minute private reading at a discounted rate of $60.00 each. Again, the host's reading is free! Contact Holm Astrology to book your party Holm Astrology offers a variety of Astrology Charts and mediums to meet our client's needs and budget. Each written or oral Astrology chart report is prepared individually for each client. Information is not pulled from a computer data base. Holm Astrology offers an in-depth look into your personality traits to assist you with self-awareness and provides a broad look at the possibilities that lie ahead so that you can be prepared for what life is offering. A client Psychologist, who will not be named for obvious reasons, pointed out that with certain clients, it could take a Psychologist up to two years to acquire the information revealed in an individual's Astrology Chart. Astrology does not dictate your life but it certainly shows you the path of least resistance. Through the preparation of a Natal Chart report or a reading, you can explore your potentials and apply your natural abilities. We are so much more than our Sun Sign. Click here for description of Astrology Reports and Readings offered We also offer intuitive astrology based card readings. Card readings have been practices since ancient times. Message are communicated by the cards from our higher self and/or spirit guides. These messages can help us to understand and move forward on our current journey. These readings can be conducted in person or by telephone. Click here for description of Oracle Readings offered I would like to invite you to watch my discussion with Christine McIver of Inspired Choices Network. “Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.”~ Albert Einstein ********* + SHARE Back to Top Book your home party with Holm Astrology . We offer free intuitive oracle card readings for hosts of home parties. UPCOMING EVENTS * * * * * Holm Astrology is not accepting registrations for our Beginner's and Level III courses. Beginner's Outline Level III Outline Registration Form ​

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    Pisces This is the last astrological placement of the zodiac. Pisces is said to contain segments of all the previous signs and may be our final step in our earthly evolution, depending on the level of awareness attained in this lifetime. Pisceans are known to be dreamy to those individuals who are less sensitive and prophetic in their nature. Pisces individuals display signs of psychic ability and have mystical leanings. There is something far away about many Pisces individuals and they seem to intuitively sense the emotional undercurrents that surround them. Piscean individuals are usually very compassionate and sensitive people. They have a soft spot for anyone undergoing life’s sometimes difficult experiences. They also have concerns for the underdog and go out of their way to assist others in need. They are extremely self-sacrificing and some can become vulnerable to the harsher side of life. There are those that would take advantage of their caring nature and exploit them. As these individuals mature, they sometimes learn hard lessons from the “users” in life and eventually learn to discriminate between those that genuinely require their help and those that just take advantage of their kind heart. Those with a strong Sun in Pisces simply need to have a purpose. They need a sense of worth and a driving force to push them towards their goal of spirituality. Life's lessons are understood as being prerequisites in this journey and many will martyr themselves for the sake of others. If they become caught up in unfortunate or misleading adventures in life, some will resort to the use of alcohol and drugs to escape the hard cold facts that life can dictate. Some resort to living in an imaginary world of their own and build walls of protection so their extreme sensitivity is not invaded. Many have a creative flair and music, the arts and creative writing are just a few of the boundless areas where this magical force can be expressed. When in love, they love deeply and are considered selfless and will orientate themselves in service to others, on a high level of spirituality. When in focus with their inner journey, they feel on purpose and the intuitive side can reach mystical proportions. Many develop psychic abilities as they mature into their role in life, although some become lost in confusion. Often sparks of the imagination can run rampant if not kept under control. The imaginary qualities linked to this sign are the motivating factor behind their driving force towards a spiritual connection and their inner strength as long as they are in focus. Life’s lessons often include finding their mission, creating a sense of self-worth and a meaning to their lives that goes beyond self. Through meditation and the practice of selfless living, many will reach heights unimaginable for those on a more physical, material journey. Pisces has been linked to the purity in spirituality and we can all learn valuable life lessons through this often misunderstood sign. Astrology 101 Pisces is ruled by Neptune and the twelfth house . Amethyst is the stone associates with Pisces. Other stones associates with Pisces include Ametrine, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Blue Lace Agate, Fluorite, Kambaba Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Smithsonite, and Turquoise Return to Sun Sign Page

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