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    As Transiting Neptune takes about 14 years to move through one sign and is in retrograde for about 6 months each year, when it does make a sextile to your Natal Sun, it should be a time when you pay attention to what is taking hold in your life.  At the time of this post, Neptune is in the final degrees of Pisces and almost moved into the sign of Aries but went into retrograde on July 1, 2024. Neptune moves into Aries in March, 2025 and returns into the sign of Pisces in October, 2025. By January, 2026, it remains in the sign of Aries not to return to Pisces. Sextiles offer opportunities in life and when connected from Neptune to the Sun, there can be either have positive or negative ramifications. Much will depend on your attitude and the Natal positioning of your Sun and Neptune.  If you have always felt a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, this can be the time to become realistic with your view of yourself.  Watch for disillusion if your Sun is poorly aspected. With a poorly aspected Sun, you may not be seeing things as they truly are. Neptune sextile Natal Sun can assist you in rising above intrusive elements connected with self-deception.    Your sense of compassion can be heightened during this aspect so why not direct this compassion at yourself?   This can be a time of healing for both the mind and the body.  Meditate to help stir up self-confidence.  Reach out for guidance.   You likely will have more psychic awareness during this alignment.  You have greater insight, and your intuitive faculties are enhanced.  All your senses are tuned in, and you can mediate and be creative to find solutions that have been hidden to you up until this time. You must have faith in the process and believe.   Your compassion and sensitivity can also be heightened under this aspect. You may want to help those less fortunate than yourself.    Your imagination and creative outlets are also heightened and now can be the time to advance with these innate character traits.    Those that are musically inclined or are connected to acting may find that there seems to be a greater sense of accomplishment with this aspect.    The energies of Transiting Neptune making a sextile to your Sun can last up to two years.  You have time to build on this opportunity but sextiles imply that you will have to advance your personal cause or objectives and do the work so that the potential can manifestation.    Again, Transiting Neptune sextile Natal Sun can be a time of healing for both the mind and the body.  Take action and make things happen. Don’t waste the energies   #astrology #HolmAstrology #astrologyposts #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram #astroworld #zodiacsigns #psychic #OracleReadings #aspects #Sextile #Neptune #Sun #NeptuneSextileSun #action #attitude #selfesteem #confidence #newblogpost   If you have comments, questions or would like to commission a chart, please send us a message via or     Visit for more information on Astrology and information on the Astrological charts we offer.   Holm Astrology also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at   Are you interested in learning Astrology? Watch for announcements in late summer for our fall courses. Visit for course details.   Follow us on Facebook , Instagram  and X


    On July 17, 2024, we reviewed some of the character traits of Sun in Leo.   Happy solar return to our Leo followers.   Today, we will look at some of the 2024 aspects for those with Sun in Leo.   Mercury is in retrograde from August 4 until August 27, 2024, and during this period, it will begin to influence the charts of those that have their Sun in the later degrees of Leo.  Mercury moves from Leo to Virgo on July 25 and stays in Virgo until it once again moves back into Leo on August 15 due to retrograde motion. Mercury moves from 21-29° of Leo into September and then moves back to Virgo moving forward.    Anyone having their Sun in Leo from approximately 18° into its final degree will experience this conjunction of Transiting Mercury and your natal Sun.     Mercury has to do with the thinking process and communicative techniques. The Sun will emphasize this capability and it will be like you know exactly what you are talking about.  This, if all else within the chart agrees, can be a great time to bring to the surface some of your ideas and goals for others to analyze, and perhaps you will receive some recognition for your enthusiasm and creative thinking.    Venus moved into the sign of Leo on July 11, 2024, and will remain in Leo until August 5. Those Leonians who have Venus in conjunction with their Sun may find that their financial situation is more satisfactory, and that they can enjoy what money brings into their lives.   Romantic involvement may increase or become more relevant during this Venus contact. There may be more social involvement and perhaps parties or gatherings to attend.   The whole chart will have to correspond with the energies associated with what was just noted. The house placement will speak of where these energies will reveal themselves.  We must always look at the natal potential to fully understand the potential available as other transits will have to be configured into the equation as well. These are just short transits that will take place for our Leonian readers but these are the only ones that are noteworthy to the Sun.  There will certainly be other transits in the chart aspecting natal positions that do not affect the Sun.   To summarize, the 2024 aspects for Sun in Leo will emphasize the thinking process and communicative techniques and romance may become a focal point. Enjoy your social life and possible recognition for your enthusiasm and creative thinking.   #astrology #HolmAstrology #astrologyposts #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram #astroworld #zodiacsigns #psychic #OracleReadings #aspects #SunInLeo #Leo #solarreturn #mercury #theMind #venus #relationships #conjunction #communication   Holm Astrology not only offers Astrology charts but also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at   Are you interested in learning Astrology? Watch for announcements in late summer for our fall courses. Visit for course details.   Follow us on Facebook , Instagram  and X


    On July 22, 2024, the Sun moves into the sign of Leo which is a fixed, fire sign.  Fire signs are often energetic, impulsive, and spontaneous.  They are fast-paced, enthusiastic, and concerned about their objectives.   Those with their Sun in Leo or strong placements in the sign of Leo are confident and can be rather dramatic in their actions.  Many Leonians have a playful demeanor, and their intentions are noble. Being ruled by their heart, Leo truly wants to do what is best for others.  They often feel that they know what to say or do, and they like to orchestrate what is happening.  Leonians enjoy organizing events and taking control of situations; however, they must watch for overstepping.   Leonians are strong-willed and stubborn with an unwillingness to shift although they can be swayed if it has been proven to them that another way is better than what they believe.   Many Leonians have strong egos and do not like to be wrong, or in some cases, outdone.  They are leaders.  They can adhere to authority if the leadership abilities evident to them seem cultured and matured due to experience.   Leo individuals can be quite charming and often bold in their actions. They are a daring and often a courageous sign.   Leonians wants recognition for what they do.  A pat on the back or words of encouragement goes a long way.   Sun in Leo individuals are charming individuals, and you will not find anyone with a bigger heart.   As the Sun enters Leo, Mercury and Venus are also in this same sign.  Those with their Sun in the later degrees of Leo will have the conjunction of Mercury with their Sun sign at the time this is posted. We will look at the transits affecting Leo in another post in the near future.   Happy solar return to our Leo readers.   #astrology #HolmAstrology #zodiacsigns #astrologyposts #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram #spirituality #themoment #spiritualjourney #schooloflife #astroworld #psychic #Medium #Leo #SuninLeo #leaders #ruledbytheheart #playful #stubborn #fixed #solarreturn #newblogpost   Holm Astrology not only offers Astrology charts but also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at   Are you interested in learning Astrology? Watch for announcements in late summer for our fall courses. Visit for course details.   Follow us on Facebook , Instagram  and X

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  • Aspects

    Aspects in Astrology There are many different types of Astrology aspects in a Birth or Natal Chart and their movement plays a part in their delineation. There are applying aspects (planets moving together to form an aspect), separating aspects (planets moving away from one another) and stationary aspects (planets that have been in retrograde motion and are now motionless before they turn direct or move forward). Today we are going to review the applying and separating aspects in the Natal Chart. All planets, whether retrograde or direct in the birth chart, will either be forming an aspect with another planet or separating from aspect to another planet. The closer to being the exact degree of the aspect the planets or angles are making, the stronger their influence will be in our lives. There are some planets that at different points in time make no aspects, although this is rare. If they are not making major aspects (sextile, trine, conjunction, inconjunct, square or opposition) they are very powerful in the natal chart. We will be discussing this at a later date as well. Many Astrologers believe that a separating aspect deals with past events, or if you like, finished business. These aspects show the energies of things that have already been dealt with and will eventually fade over time. Some Astrologers theorize that the acknowledgement and correction took place before birth and that we have already made adjustments to whatever lesson the two planets involve were teaching through their energies. The degrees that separate the planets describe how powerful the aspect is or was in the chart. The closer the degrees between the two planets (direct aspect) the more powerful the lesson. It is also theorized that perhaps this close aspect was one of the last lessons or events that was set in motion in a previous lifetime. Astrologers understand this significance and will define its intensity and help delineate the meaning of any particular influence in the Birth Chart. When planets are applying, it is understood that the faster moving planet is moving towards the slower moving planet and suggested unfinished business that will have to be rectified during the course of this lifetime. Once again the closer the aspect, the more apparent and pressing the energies of the planets involved. We have come into this life to learn, to address the apparent issues indicated and come to terms with whatever the planets’ and aspects’ energies are suggesting. The applying aspects become stronger as time passes. They will intensify and push us in directions that will assist in learning whatever the energies suggest. These conditions are dealt with after birth. As a result, applying aspects are suggestive of future endeavours that should be dealt with. Transiting planets (the current movement of the planets compared to the natal position of the planets) that touch on these planetary links can intensify the birth condition and push us towards resolution. This is not to say that all aspects between planets are challenging; far from it. You have to approach the planets involved and decipher how well they work together and what aspects are involved before making a judgement call on how the energies will affect you. It should also be understood that a tight square or opposition in the birth chart has been set in motion in this life for us to overcome and could therefore be considered challenging but these challenging aspects are advantageous in the long run and force us to make adjustments that in turn enhance development. Without challenging conditions in the birth chart (and there are charts that are very easy flowing with many trines and sextiles) the life lessons offer little towards growth and achievement in life. It is the challenging aspects that motivate us forward and challenge us to push for resolution. Remember the tighter the aspect the more significant its influence in our lives. When deciphering a chart it is very important to take this into consideration. For example a conjunction between Mars and Pluto is a very strong aspect, but if they are separating from one another and are out by 8 degrees, an aspect of let’s say Venus conjunct the Sun, (which is a much softer aspect) which is applying and only out by 23 minutes, will have a far greater influence than the aspect between Mars and Pluto. We are working on this information and will be adding more soon. Grand Square T-Square Applying & Separating Aspects Ascendant Aspects Midheaven Aspects Decendant or IC TO BE PREPARED Imum Coeli or IC Sun Aspects Moon Aspects Mercury Aspects Mars Aspects Jupiter Aspects Saturn Aspects Uranus Aspects Neptune Aspects Pluto Aspects Nodal Aspects Back to Astrology 101

  • Sun Aspects |

    ASPECTS TO THE SUN The Sun is our core self and is not always shown to the outside world. Our face to the world is usually our Rising Sign. The Sun is our soul and life force but we are so much more than just our Sun sign. Leo is ruled by the Sun. ​ With this in mind, we will delve into aspects to the Sun. This page is a work in progress. Check back regularly for more entries. SPECIFIC ASPECTS Sun Trine Aspects Sun Opposition Aspects Sun Square Aspects Sun Sextile Aspects Neptune Sextile Sun Back to Aspects

  • Neptune Aspects |

    Aspects to Neptune We are working on this page and will be adding more Neptune aspects in the future. Neptune is a mysterious planet, ruling the sign Pisces. NEPTUNE TRANSITS THROUGH THE ZODIAC ​ Neptune is the planet of illumination, inspiration, intuition and psychic access. It has also been tied to ambiguity, confusion, dismay, vulnerability and not seeing things as they truly are. Neptune is the planet of psychic awareness even under the most distressful aspects and can be illuminated but twisted when in challenging situations. Neptune is spiritual, can be religious, and will enhance your perception and any psychic inclinations you may have. ​ As it makes contacts with planetary energies within the framework of your natal chart, it will illuminate the energies of the planet and merge its emeries with the planet in question, especially when a conjunction is taking hold. In some cases, Neptune will help solve issues that have been plaguing the individual especially when aligned in positive aspect to Mercury or Jupiter. ​ In contrast, if Neptune is making a hard aspect like a square or opposition to Mercury, you will want to make sure that you are not blowing things out of proportion, and you should ensure that you are seeing things as they truly are. Help from outside sources is often suggested especially if your Natal Mercury is under stressful aspects to other planets particularly to Neptune in the birth chart. ​ Transiting Neptune to the Sun or your North Node can bring forward goals and your life’s path can be highly attuned to deeper insight, and assistance may surface from outside sources that you may not have deemed likely in your life. You may have visions or dreams that can open doors that have been closed or not even apparent for many years. Neptune can instigate psychic energies that are straight from the light and into your consciousness for the first time in your life or open channels greater than those available before this time. ​ As we write this, Neptune will move into Aries next year (2025). Perhaps this might be a time when we move ahead with our own objectives in a more intuitive and spiritual quest and change the course of our own personal lives slowly as its energies unfold. ​ Neptune also has to do with talent as it rules Pisces and the twelfth house. Music, acting, art, etc. can become highlighted as Neptune opens pathways that have been closed prior to now. Neptune can be magical in its delivery when well aspected to natal positions. It may bring energies you never believed could take hold in life. ​ Neptune in Aries sounds personal and that is just what it is. In the past 14-15 years, Neptune was in Pisces and what we were taught during this stay in Pisces can be used in personal terms. This can be a time of awakening to your higher self, stimulating your intuitive faculties and bringing to life what you never deemed possible. ​ Use Neptune’s energies to the best of your abilities and uncover the mysteries of life. Neptune Conjunctions Neptune Squares Neptune Square Ascendant Neptune Square Saturn Neptune Square Neptune Neptune Square Midheaven Neptune Square IC (Imum Coeli) Neptune Trines Neptune Trine Midheaven Neptune Oppositions Neptune Sextiles Neptune Sextile Imum Coeli Neptune Sextile Sun Neptune Sextile Moon BACK TO ASPECTS

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