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    It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation to understand the concept of karma. Many look at Karma as something that needs to be paid, something that we are here to deliver or receive because of what actions were taken in previous incarnations. For those that do not believe in reincarnation, the concept is the same, but it is a debt owed from previous actions in this life. Many think of Karma as something bad that is due because of negative or harmful actions we have taken. We feel that on some level we must pay for what we have done, and in turn, learn lessons through our connectedness to the physical, mental or through life’s experience. For those that believe in reincarnation, some ask why we must pay debts incurred in previous incarnations, for actions we can’t even recall. It does not seem just. Many believe that our previous lives are all connected to this current one, so the debt still stands. We must reap what we sow. No one can truly prove how this system or karma really works, although some claim otherwise. It is likely that on some level we do have a subconscious understanding of karma and life. Karma is likely intentional and is not referred to as good or bad. Karma can also be considered favorable and reward us for positive actions taken however many people seem to pay more attention to what they term as “bad” Karma. If challenging Karmic implications are due so are favorable life experiences as there is always balance in life. Perhaps paying more attention to the good in life rather than focusing on the difficulties will enhance our “good” karma. Some believe or should I say feel that Karmic debt can be paid off during the life it was incurred. Why not pay and/or reap your dues/rewards for this life now? You reap what you sow and if you know that you are living your life to the best of your ability, then rewards can come to you in this life. Mental reasoning and the ability to understand the deeper meanings is a gift that can be experienced now, no matter how it is revealed. Thought processing, belief structure and focus are taught in this life, and this too is a gift, as so many do not understand or recognize this reality. Look deeper at your life and your experiences, and recognize the blessings that have come and are coming your way. Material comfort is not all that this life is about although there is something to say about not having to worry about your next meal or staying warm and comfortable. Be happy for the positive experiences in life but work on what needs to be worked on. Challenge the concepts that make you uncomfortable and strive for the betterment of not only your life, but the lives around you. The opportunities surround you; pay heed. What are your karmic intensions? #astrology #HolmAstrology #spirituality #themoment #inthemoment #spiritualjourney #schooloflife #psychic #OracleReading #karma #goodkarma #debt #blessings #KarmicIntensions #ReapWhatYouSow Holm Astrology not only offers Astrology charts, we also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at Are you interested in learning Astrology? Registration for our fall classes is now complete. Watch for announcements for our spring courses. Visit for course details. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X


    Much of what we will discuss in our Sagittarius forecast for 2023 will influence our Sagittarius readers at varying degrees. You will have to check the degrees of influence in your natal chart along with the degrees of the transiting planets to get a clear picture of whether these positions will influence your chart and when they will highlight the areas of life suggested in your chart. We will only look at the outer planetary positions because their influence is long lasting; the inner planets move quickly and have only a slighter influence compared to the outer planets. TRANSITING PLUTO IN AQUARIUS SEXTILE SUN IN SAGITTARIUS: Pluto is all about transformation and regeneration and will highlight individuals in a positive way providing opportunities and advancement with goals, life objectives, career path and changes of a personal nature especially those energies that needs revamping from an internal perspective. Pluto will be in Aquarius for many years and is currently making its final pass in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto will move very slowly creating many occasions when you will feel its influence. This will create inner reflection, with a need to dive deep within to gain clarity, especially on the parts of yourself that could be deemed dark or undesirable. You will be asked to face the truth and although it may not be overly pleasant, now will be the time not only for reflection but for change either with or without your approval. Pluto’s action is definitive and there are no half measures. Something will end so that something new can begin. If this timing fits your chart, it can affect not only your life’s path but also enhances your position for advancement in your career or with plans that you have been tossing around for moving ahead. The sextile is an opportunity aspect and although life can offer up situations that are appropriate for change and transformation to take hold quite often, you will need to set the action in motion. Without a push from you to advance your cause, there is a chance that nothing will take hold. With the sextile aspect, a push from you is often a requirement for advancement. TRANSITING SATURN IN PISCES SQUARING SUN IN SAGITTARIUS: Saturn remains in Pisces into early 2026 and during its time spent in this sign, it will be making a square to those with their Sun in the degrees associated with its placement at that time. Sagittarius is a free roaming sign that loves adventure and exploration. It is mostly adaptable to life’s situations yet wants its freedom. With Saturn making a square to those with their Sun in Sagittarius, there may be feelings of being held back or being slowed down when it comes to the desire to move ahead in life, especially with new adventures. Saturn likes the tried and tested and is not overly interested in moving in new directions. Saturn will likely do its best to stop you from advancing into new areas. Sagittarius does enjoy free spirit and the wide-open spaces, and Saturn, the teacher and disciplinarian, will want to teach important lessons while Sagittarius finds room to move. These lessons and teachings can be quite valuable when we look back, and over time, will create a solid foundation for the information or experiences taken. It lays the groundwork for further advancement, but you will have to work hard to advance whatever your objectives may be. Enjoy your new solar year, Sagittarius. #astrology #astrologer #HolmAstrology #zodiacsigns #astrologyposts #astrologersofinstagram #zodiacsigns #astroworld #psychic #oraclereadings #Sagittarius #SuninSagittarius #Transits #SagittariusTransits #Pluto #Saturn #LifeLessons #Transformation #Forecast #SagittariusForecast Holm Astrology not only offers Astrology Charts, we also offer individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit Are you interested in learning Astrology? Registration for our fall classes is now complete. Watch for announcements for our spring courses. Visit for course details. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X


    You likely recall times in the past when you felt like you were moving to another level of consciousness, awakening to a new way of understanding and/or renewing with vigor with some of the things you had left behind. You may have experienced times when something comes along and creates a shift in life and a newfound freedom or newfound peace of mind. Some of these periodic segments in life that brought change may have been lasting or short lived but no matter their length, they taught you something very relevant and lasting. Life’s experiences can be completely life altering, bringing an end to certain conditions only to open doors to new and wonderful experiences. These shifts open our eyes to new realities and bring into fruition what, in many cases, was needed at that time in life. Are we at the mercy of life? Do we have choices? At times life does dictate and we feel at the mercy of circumstance. We see it all around us affecting those people who just seem to fall through the cracks or who just seem to be in the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time. There are shifts throughout our life’s course that we will need to adjust to and familiarize ourselves with. Some wonderful and some not so wonderful. If we go deep within and ask ourselves what purpose might these events, enjoyable or stressful, have for our overall development, we will likely find the answers. There will be times we simply will not understand the “why” but will have to go with the flow and not swim against life’s current. Accept life for what it is. Appreciate your lessons and experiences; knowing that on some level valuable information is found within each of these events. When life is going well, appreciate it fully and disregard what you may feel is missing. Focusing on the missing or on failures serves no positive purpose. It simply creates a focus on hardships and lacking. Your focus creates your reality. Be determined to learn and move through any adversity that befalls you. You are stronger than you realize, after all, you made it this far so what are you truly capable of doing now? Life moves quickly and we are here to experience it. We are spirit living in a physical body, and we have profound knowledge within. Why do we place limits on ourselves? Learn, Love, Live! #astrology #HolmAstrology #spirituality #themoment #spiritualjourney #schooloflife #psychic #OracleReading #lifelessons #LifeExperience #PersonalGrowth Holm Astrology not only offers Astrology charts but also offers individual intuitive readings or group parties. For more information, visit us at Are you interested in learning Astrology? Registration for our fall classes is now complete. Watch for announcements for our spring courses. Visit for course details. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X

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    Natal Charts with Transits and Progressions With the proper tools, we can accomplish and/or overcome anything in life. Let Astrology offer insights to assist with your choices 2024 BODY & MIND PSYCHIC FAIR Holm Astrology will be participating in the 8th annual 2024 Body & Mind Psychic Fair. ​ This event is such a success, in 2024 it will be a two day event. The fair will run Saturday, January 20, 2024 and Sunday, January 21, 2024 at the Lion's Gate Banquet Centre 386 Blake St, Barrie, ON, L4M 1L3 running from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Holm Astrology will be offering Oracle Card readings. Our appointments can fill up quickly so we recommend prebooking your readings and by doing so you will be taking advantage of our reduced rate as well. Admission is free at the door. Prebook Your Reading Host an Intuitive Oracle Reading Party and get your reading free! Invite a minimum of four guests (five including the host) for parties held in the City of Barrie. The minimum number of guests is negotiable outside of the City's limits. All guests of the home party receive a one-on-one 30 minute private reading at a discounted rate of $60.00 each. Again, the host's reading is free! Contact Holm Astrology to book your party Holm Astrology offers a variety of Astrology Charts and mediums to meet our client's needs and budget. Each written or oral Astrology chart report is prepared individually for each client. Information is not pulled from a computer data base. Holm Astrology offers an in-depth look into your personality traits to assist you with self-awareness and provides a broad look at the possibilities that lie ahead so that you can be prepared for what life is offering. A client Psychologist, who will not be named for obvious reasons, pointed out that with certain clients, it could take a Psychologist up to two years to acquire the information revealed in an individual's Astrology Chart. Astrology does not dictate your life but it certainly shows you the path of least resistance. Through the preparation of a Natal Chart report or a reading, you can explore your potentials and apply your natural abilities. We are so much more than our Sun Sign. Click here for description of Astrology Reports and Readings offered We also offer intuitive astrology based card readings. Card readings have been practices since ancient times. Message are communicated by the cards from our higher self and/or spirit guides. These messages can help us to understand and move forward on our current journey. These readings can be conducted in person or by telephone. Click here for description of Oracle Readings offered I would like to invite you to watch my discussion with Christine McIver of Inspired Choices Network. “Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.”~ Albert Einstein ********* + SHARE Back to Top Book your home party with Holm Astrology . We offer free intuitive oracle card readings for hosts of home parties. UPCOMING EVENTS * * * * * Holm Astrology will be participating in the bewitched market being held on Sunday October 29, 2023 running from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. @ the Lions Gate Banquet Centre at 386 Blake Street in Barrie, Ontario. Pre-register and pay a discounted rate for your reading.

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    Jupiter Jupiter is known as the great benefic and wherever Jupiter resides in our natal chart, we have an urge to expand and grow in that area of life. Jupiter provides us with protection and offers good luck and optimism. Jupiter is the planet of growth and signifies the highest aspects of life, your view of life and your attitude toward religion. When Jupiter becomes activated through transit or progression, it stimulates the potential for growth, luck and ease in obtaining benefits that will further your spiritual growth. Jupiter deals with philosophy and the grand scheme of things. It is the glue that holds us together; it binds us with one another and always wants to help find a positive outcome to any situation. Jupiter promotes consciousness expansion and teaches us valuable life-lessons that we can take with us on our earthly journey. There is no restriction, no limits and no time restraints when Jupiter is involved. You are always offered help on a higher level and will gain knowledge through the higher channels of learning that Jupiter provides. Jupiter is linked along with the outer planets, Uranus , Neptune and Pluto to conscious expansion and promotes healing on all levels. Jupiter is the philosopher, the law maker and the judge. It sets all things right and in their proper place. Jupiter does not reflect on failure. It only promotes continued growth through expansion of consciousness. Find Jupiter in your chart and locate where your luck and optimism are found. What you need, Jupiter will provides, on all levels. Growth and expansion are Jupiter’s prime objective and will stimulate and maintain its higher octave of power continuously--never ending! Astrology 101 Jupiter represents luck and optimism. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is associated with the ninth house . (Some Astrologers believe that Jupiter is a co-ruler of Pisces but this is questionable.) The Sun The Moon Mercury Venus Mars Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

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    Pluto Retrograde Pluto moves in and out of retrograde several times each year. It remains in retrograde for approximately 150 days a year, often lasting for several months at a time. Transiting Pluto is a powerhouse in the horoscope, and it intensifies in strength when it makes aspects to planets and points within the natal chart or the progressed chart. The orb for influence in the transit of Pluto can be felt for those with a strong sensitivity up to 5 degrees while approaching (0 degrees being direct) and 2 degrees separating (after being direct and moving away). While in progression, it is most significant when it comes within 15 minutes of being direct. When Pluto moves into the retrograde motion, it intensifies and becomes very powerful. The transformational abilities linked to Pluto increase and the regenerative abilities are enhanced. Any power struggles can also become much more apparent when Pluto is in retrograde, so it is wise to avoid interaction that could lead to intense situations, especially if linked somehow to the planet Mars or Uranus. It may be very challenging to avoid situations that require change especially when Pluto transits a planet while in retrograde. It could be considered a time for cleansing and a time to release any worn out or outdated attitudes. It is as though you are addressing a list of things to do that was written last year. It is wise to review and remove those items that no longer apply and add more important requirements that are relevant to your life today. During retrograde motion, it is a good time for inner study and to dig up issues that have been buried for too long. It might not always be pleasant what you initially find but these challenging conditions will need to be confronted and dealt with. Any patterns in your life that have reached a state of uncontrollable insistence can best be addressed now and dealt with and changed (usually on a permanent basis). Much (as always) depends on which house Pluto is transiting and also the house that Pluto is located in within the natal chart as these will be areas of life that will undergo Pluto’s transformative energies. You may be forced to challenge any issues you dig up and bring to the surface. An example might be communicative challenges if transiting Pluto is moving through the third house or if natal Pluto resides in this house. Also you should look to see where Pluto’s ruling sign (Scorpio) is found as this will also indicate where these changing conditions might become apparent. Those with Pluto retrograde at birth are known to have great recuperative abilities and they can withstand illnesses that might be considered debilitating for many others. We would suggest that you review how Pluto is aspected in the natal chart. Also review the aspects linked to the planets that transiting Pluto is making aspects to during its cycle in order to get a feel for how these areas of life along with the energies associated with the planets involved will affect the overall conditions of this very significant transit of Pluto. In general, it is a good time to get in touch with any issues that need dealing with or cleansing. Review to see what your inner needs may be. It is a time for inner reflection and transformation that usually takes a year or two to unfold. On an outer level, it is also a good time to begin exercise programs and detoxifying diets that help cleanse the body but do not forget your spiritual needs at this time as well. Enjoy the rather intense transformation that often takes place as Pluto moves into direct and retrograde motion affecting planetary links and important positions in your birth chart. Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Astrology 101 Retrograde

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