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Transiting Pluto’s abilities to transform and regenerate are highlighted when it is traveling through the birth chart.


There is nothing subtle about Pluto’s influence and you will be quite aware that something needs to be changed or altering when it makes contact.  Pluto’s energies are abrupt and disruptive in their actions and the changes that Pluto is putting on the table need to be reworked and transformed so they fit life better.  When Pluto is finished transiting through a house or linking up with a planetary placement, its energies will have significantly changed things and usually in a very permanent manner.


Pluto is associated with actual death and is usually present in some way when someone passes over.  It does not always mean literal death, but it does mean that a condition or life element is no longer suitable and change is needed.  Therefore it does signify the death or end of a situation and then the beginning of something new. 


Pluto, as mentioned, is not subtle in its release and sometimes you have opportunities to make these changes, and other times they just happen with you having little or no control over the situation.


If Pluto links up with Mars or Uranus, care is required and focus on not putting yourself into danger's way is important.  If there is a square between these planets, there are challenging conditions due to the contact, and they come at you for a reason. 


Watch for arguments and aggressive behavior especially if Mars is concerned and particularly if the aspect is an opposition. 


The trine and sextile aspects are not as aggressive and usually suggest transformation at a high level and although somewhat challenging to accept, these transformations will benefit you in the long haul. 


Uranus is more unpredictable and this is the one you need to watch, if, for example, you are driving a motorized vehicle.  Operate with more care than normal and never rush.  Do not rush out to drive in fits of anger or after an argument.  Take the time to settle yourself down.  If you are confronted by an aggressive individual, do not put up a fight unless you have little choice.  It is best to walk away whenever possible under this influence.


These, of course, are extreme cases and normally, there have to be other aspects suggesting much of the same before these energies are released in a powerful way.  There needs to be at least 3 aspects in a chart all saying the same thing before things necessarily happen and much depends on the other planets involved and the angles they are making. 


However, it can be a rather tumultuous experience and you will learn a lot from it.  It seems to be human nature that we learn much more from adverse life conditions than the mild and mellow experiences.  


We may have to spend a little time meditating on how the energies can be released in a more gentle and positive manner.

With this in mind, we will provide some details for each aspect and planet.



This page is a work in progress.  Check back regularly for more entries.


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