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The Planets

The Birth or Natal chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the instant of your birth. It is a diagram of the precise planetary placements which is reflective of you and a roadmap of your potential and lessons possible in life. Each planet represents a quality linked directly to you (a character trait if you will) that differentiates between each and every individual. There are no two charts that are precisely the same. Even when someone is born in the same year, on the same day and at the same moment, their location of birth will differ. As a result, the overall personal characteristics change. How much of a change depending on the distance between their birth places.

The planets fall into houses. There are twelve in all, circling the horoscope. Each house is significant as they represent an area of your life’s focus. The planets located within these houses will have an impact in that area of life. With several planets located in a particular house, there will be an emphasis in that area of life.

At that instant at birth, the planets are frozen in time to create the reflection of you. This is your Natal Chart and the location of the plants will never move for this chart. Once the Natal or Birth Chart snapshot has been taken, the planets continue to move around the chart. This is referred to as Transiting planets and will be discussed under Transits in the near future.

Each planet has its own specific function and has its own specific energy in an Astrology chart. The planet's energy will be in the area of life dictated by the house it is located in and will be influenced by the astrological sign it is under in your individual chart. Remember, the planetary locations for a birth chart do not change.

With this in mind, we will look at what each planet brings to the Astrology chart table.

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