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The Sixth House

The Sixth House is naturally ruled by Virgo, the sign of service rendered to others and this is primarily what the sixth house is based on. It could be considered a somewhat sober house, in that it calls you back to the business of practical living. The fifth house was all about romance and having fun and the sixth house is very real and functions on a much more serious note.

In its highest sense, the Sixth House teaches us to love one another through selfless acts of service to others. However to promote this higher level of service, it has to be done willingly. Included in the field of service is our working conditions and environment. This is also a focal point of the Sixth House. Within this setting, we meet up with our working associates. Often with planetary links connected to the Sixth House, they will reveal how we relate to our working atmosphere and contacts.

The Sixth House also deals with health matters, although chronic health conditions are connected to the Twelfth House. Much can be assessed in connection with our health when we look at the conditions of the Sixth and Twelfth houses, along with the Ascendant's aspects.

The Sixth House is where we have the potential to clean up and strengthen our health through routine exercise programs and healthy diet. The Sixth House can also indicate, depending on conditions surrounding this house, eating disorders. The Ascendant, the Twelfth House and the Sixth House are important areas that can help us to pinpoint physical conditions, although it is always suggested that one seeks medical advice above and beyond Astrological indications. Astrology points the way but outside assistance is always recommended especially when health is a specific concern.

Even if the Astrology chart indicate health issues related to these houses, these houses can be transformed into houses of wellness as there are many roads to healing, such as meditation and health consciousness which can be achieved through many avenues. There are many solutions available to issues suggested within the horoscope.

The strong aspects (which will be discussed under "Aspects" as we further develop this website) such as the conjunction, square and opposition are the greatest learning tools available to us all. The easy flowing aspects like the sextile and trine create calm conditions and opportunities. We gain so much more from confronting our challenging aspects and making them work for us, instead of against us. We are never at life’s mercy. There are always alternatives.

The Sixth house also deals with small animals and our pets, but in most cases the central areas of focus of this house deal with service, health, hygiene and the working environment.

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