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The midheaven also known as the cusp of the tenth house is a very sensitive area in the natal chart. Any planet in transit (the movement of planets through the zodiac) particularly outer planets, (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) or inner planets that are in retrograde motion (appear to be moving backwards) that conjunct, square or are in opposition to this point have powerful influences in our lives.

In many cases Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will remain in this critical degree for a year or two having a significant influence on our occupation, our standard of living, our goals, aspirations and our status in life.

Uranus often produces unexpected, sudden events when it makes a significant aspect to this critical degree. Neptune tends to cloud these areas of life making things unclear or it can add a mystical approach, while Saturn tends to create challenges, obstacles or lessons that need to be overcome. We are tested in these areas. Pluto transforms and may cause disruptions although much of what happens is beneath the surface until it makes a direct contact to this degree.

The trine of these planets to the Midheaven or also known as the MC often provides opportunities and good luck with an easy flow into these areas of life, depending on what other aspects within the chart. The opposite house (4th) is often also affected, as when these aspects are making contact to the MC, they are also making an aspect to the fourth house cusp. The fourth house deals with the home and family particularly the mother while the tenth house usually identifies the father. The tenth house usually identifies the most dominant parent while the fourth house is usually the more submissive and protective parent. A conjunction to the tenth house will also present an opposition to the fourth house cusp and oppositions usually deals with something related to or coming from someone else.

If, for example, Uranus were conjuncting the IC, it would be in opposition to the MC. We could, as a result, expect changes sometimes drastic in nature to the home and family, such as a move and influences in our occupation and status in life. These changes could be of a rather sudden nature and a need for freedom and breaking free in order to create change would be on the agenda. Much would depend on the overall conditions of Uranus in the birth chart and its location by house and sign.

The MC, the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon and the progressed Moon are often used to rectify a birth time, especially when Uranus and Mars conjunct the MC. Uranus and Mars often indicate something happening on the exact day when it becomes direct especially in conjunction. The progressed Moon moves one degree a month also assisting with pinpointing a birth time. Uranus really seems to disrupt activity related to the specific house cusp. The only guaranteed is something unexpected and sudden will occur with Uranus making contact which often causing disruption into that area of life.

Be ready for change, disruption, transformation and activity when the MC becomes activated through transit or progression. Although the changes that take place may be disruptive, agitating and sometimes chaotic in their nature, in most cases, these changes are a requirement. It is best not to put up too much of a struggle, especially when Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are making contact to this area of life. In a year or so after the contact, you will realize that the transformations to your life and disruptions were beneficial to your overall evolution and were requirements brought on to enforce growth on a subconscious and soul level.


Any planet which is found to be conjunct (same degree) to the MC or Midheaven (2 degrees conjunct from the ninth house or 5 degrees conjunct from the tenth house) has a profound effect on our goals in life and our drive to succeed or our drive to make a name for ourselves. The closer this planet is to the MC, the stronger its influence will be.

Since the MC is connected closely to our profession and public status, this planet or planets will influence our ability to succeed. Also look at any aspects from other planets to the MC or any planet that fits this conjunct criterion for more information on the energies of this aspect. These natal statements will certainly colour our profession and our ability to achieve in life. It has been noted that around 5 percent of the general population has this conjunction within one degree of the Midheaven.

If you have for example Saturn within this orb of this Midheaven conjunction, there would be obstacles and challenging conditions linked to making a mark in life or achieving recognition for your efforts. Saturn, however, does offer great potential when you work meticulously and conscientiously towards your objectives. If you have put forth great effort, the likelihood for success is there but there may be some type of delay in reaching your goals in some way. We have the potential to make any aspect work positively in our life regardless of challenges attached. We may just have to work harder and have faith in our own abilities, however.

If, for example, Jupiter is conjunct the MC, the potential for growth and expansion as well as some good luck especially if the aspects from other planets also point in this direction, will be increased. The sign and planetary link on the MC defines, in part, our occupation and drive to succeed. Having Taurus or Aries on the cusp of the tenth house or having Saturn or Jupiter in this place would certainly have a profound and different approach to how we would address our push for advancement and also our occupation’s potential.

There are other factors that can determine what we might want to do for a living, such as our Sun sign and house position, our Ascendant as well as our Nodal positions, but the first place to provide us with direction would be the MC and any planet conjunct its position. Many famous people have planets conjunct this position in their chart.

The Midheaven’s sign, any planets conjunct this positon and the ruling planet of the MC play significant roles in determining what might fit into our occupational profile. It also should be noted that if any angle especially the MC or ASC degree falls in the “Aries point degree”, the potential for recognition (even heightened potential for fame) is increased. The Aries point is any angle which is from 0 to 1.5 degrees in a cardinal sign (Aries, Caner, Libra or Capricorn). The closer to exact (degree), the stronger the possibilities.

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