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The Ascendant Sign or Rising Sign is descriptive of our outside personality, the one we reveal to the world. This will usually differ from our Sun Sign and this is a sure reason why some individuals are seen as quite different from the typical characteristics associated with their Sun Sign personality. The Sun Sign still resonates and is usually more prominent as we get to know and fulfill the characteristics of our true selves. The Sun Sign is you’re inside personality while the Ascendant sign reveals an outer personality that we are willing to reveal to the world.

The Ascendant Sign often depicts our appearance and the way we carry ourselves in our outside environment. It is believed at least by this Astrologer that we are meant to merge our Sun Sign with our Rising Sign as well as the sign and house placement of the Moon as we develop and mature. It is with this merging that we can distinguish our true more complete selves and we can represent our true selves in a more authentic manner.

The Ascendant sign is also a very significant point when transits and progressions move across or make important aspects to it. The changes and transformations that are often accompanied through the transit connections to this point are very significant to our overall development. Changes in our appearance, our evolution, our ideologies and life concepts as well as changes to relationships with important people all come under careful scrutiny during these transiting times.

For example, Uranus crossing over the Ascendant often correlates with major wants for something new and exciting in life. We are often viewed from the outside world as being rather eccentric in our behaviour during powerful transits or progressions affecting this area of our chart. The want to break free from restrictive or old outdated ways or relationships that fall into this category are often by-products of a Uranus transit especially when in Conjunction, Square or Opposition. Uranus is also known as the awakener and many will go through an awakening process as Uranus transits this placement.

It is important to also look at the opposing house cusp (7th) and the ruling planet and house placement of your ascendant sign to gain further insight into potential changes taking place in your life. The aspect that the planet is making will define whether it is stressful or an opportunity or just plain easy flow, while the planet will define the type of action that can be anticipated. The house placement of the Ascendant’s ruling planet will also define the area of life that will be affected.

Any outer planet that transits this placement will have significant influence on your life. It often takes several years for these slow moving bodies to move out of the orb of influence. Those that are sensitive can feel the approach of the planet by as much as 4-5 degrees and the separation of the link by up to 2-3 degree. The affects will be felt for a long period of time and will change life’s conditions significantly. Often these outer planets signify a complete change in your life’s course and a new beginning.

Have a close look at any outer planet making a conjunction in particular, as this is the most powerful of the major aspects. The planet and the sign on the Ascendant will merge and act as an intensifying agent of the conditions already in place in the birth chart. Be ready for change, transformation and a new beginning as these powerful entities begin taking hold in your life.

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