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Locate Mars in your natal chart, and through its sign placement and house placement, you will begin to understand how your energy is activated.

Mars is the planet of dynamism and action and instigates activity in your life. Mars specifically deals with the energy that it takes to deal with pressures in your life. Mars can be an aggressive force and when provoked will ignite the urge to fight and stand up for what you feel is your right.

Mars is linked to masculine figures in our life, while Venus is linked to female figures in our life. Venus, among other things, represents young women; while Mars, among other things, represents young men.

Mars is strongly connected to our sexual drive and ambitions in life. With a strong Mars, perhaps connected to Aries, Leo or Scorpio, the sex drive and push in life is exaggerated.

The energy of Mars needs an outlet. This could be found in aggressive action, through violence and arguments or through mystical and spiritual avenues of expression. Mars when accompanied particularly with transiting Pluto (transits are planetary movements) will often be found in acts of violence or injuries caused through accidents, heavy machinery or sharp tools.

Mars when transiting through certain houses can activate these areas of life and create new beginnings and fresh starts.

Find how Mars particularly through progression (progressions will be discussed in a future post) affects your life and learn how best to manifest its energies so that Mars will assist you rather than hinder you.

Mars is the planet of passion and action. 

It rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio. 

Mars is associates with the first house.

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