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Jupiter Retrograde

When Jupiter goes into its retrograde, this cycle lasts about 120 days and will move between 10 to 20 degrees. Jupiter goes retrograde every year and as retrogrades usually indicate that the energy is not strong or its full expression is restricted, Jupiter in retrograde still offers up opportunities for expansion and optimism, although somewhat challenged when it is in touch with Saturn.

You can use an orb of 3-4 degrees when determining if Jupiter will affect any of the planets or important points in your natal chart. As it crosses these placements, the energy of Jupiter will increase. When it turns direct again, its positive expansiveness is considered to be alive and well.

Under normal conditions Jupiter is known as the great benefactor, but it is said that when it moves into retrograde, the energies of these characteristics seem to fade and its normal opportunistic influence is felt on an inner level. On the material side of things, however, it is less effective but still present. It is suggested that if you are considering buying property or big luxury items while Jupiter is in retrograde motion that you reconsider and wait until Jupiter is once again in direct motion. Much depends on the natal aspects to your Jupiter. In general, Jupiter’s energies are not as lucky in retrograde motion as they are under direct motion.

When this planet moves into retrograde, its impact is felt on an inner level rather than in our outside world. During a retrograde cycle, you can benefit greatly if you focus on inner growth and awareness. Getting in touch with you and objectively view yourself making alterations along the way as this would be very beneficial

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is connected to spirituality and the philosophies of life that have deeper meaning. If you have a look at the house it is transiting through as well as the house it is located in your natal chart, these will be areas of life that you can do work on and transform in ways that will suit you better (when Jupiter is direct again). It is a time of introspection when Jupiter is retrograde.

Remember to view Jupiter even when retrograde on a positive note, even if what you see or if your life’s direction is not what you thought it was. Under the retrograde influence you can make adjustments to the way you have been living your life, transform your life’s direction and put yourself on track with where you should be going.

Jupiter in retrograde is connected to the lessons in life that are required during that specific time. Be honest with yourself under this influence, and you will be able to re-examine your truths and gauge these with a keen eye in order to decide what you want to change and what is worthy of keeping. These are often aspects of yourself that need some tweaking, in turn creating a higher version of yourself on track and ready to move in your intended direction. Look inside yourself and find those inner riches.

While under the influence of Jupiter in retrograde, if you are making plans on going into a business venture, make sure that you take the time to consider all the aspects connected to making this decision. You may find that you will make great expenditures when Jupiter is retrograde. This is not always a wise decision and likely not one you would make if Jupiter were in direct motion. It is actually best to wait before making any decisions, unless your natal Jupiter and the planets connected to it in the natal chart are quite “well” aspected.

Check to see what the natal chart is saying and then make your decisions. Just make sure that you are viewing these contacts with clarity and watch for expanded optimism.

Once Jupiter has gone back into direct motion and is making aspects to other planets in your natal chart, you will be able to gauge what areas of life might be affected and the potential outcome of actions taken once Jupiter is direct.

Jupiter is a very positive influence in your life and will enhance most experiences, especially when linked to higher forms of delivery.

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