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The Fourth House

The fourth house naturally ruled by the Moon is the place where we root ourselves through emotional connections with our early upbringing. We gain or lose emotional strength from our early conditioning which is linked closely to our parents, particularly the most nurturing parent.

If we had difficulty in our childhood, linked to our parent’s emotional support, this is where we will uncover some of the complications that might have hindered our emotional development. Our early childhood experiences often have great affects on our development into adulthood.

Planets found in the fourth house often describe the types of difficulties or attributes we assimilate into our emotional being. If there are difficulties with our emotional response, there are usually indications found in this house as are inner feelings of strength and built in stamina to overcome life’s difficulties.

We are conditioned by our early upbringing and build our own sense of comfort through these channels. These conditions often follow us into adulthood and the fourth house speaks of the later part of our lives and denotes end of life conditions. It has been noted that the fourth house indicators are regulated by planetary links to this house and the more planets particularly outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) found in this house, the more introverted and private we become.

This is also the house that rules our family life and the home environment conditions through to adulthood.

It also entails real estate and property that we own or the type of home we would like to live in and raise our children. The fourth house is also linked to family heritage and our roots.

It’s natural ruler is Cancer and there are many attributes that are similar to this sign. Cancer is defined as a nurturing, caring sign, with concerns for family members and also the need to be nurtured. These qualities are very similar to those of the fourth house.

The second house deals with security issues, often related to monetary gain and the acquisition of material goods, while the fourth house deals with emotional security at its foundation. The fourth house is linked to the most nurturing of your parent which in most cases pertains to the mother while the tenth house usually is connected to the father. Any planet found connected to or linked with these cusps often speaks of the parents.

As planets transit the fourth house cusp or makes connections to planets located in this house, there are often dealings with the home and family.

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