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Aspects to Mercury

We are working on this page and will be adding more Mercury aspects in the future.

Mercury in the natal chart sits fairly dormant until it becomes activated by a Transit or Progression.  Much of its energies deals with mental conceptualization and communication.  The mind is ruled by the planet Mercury and our reasoning abilities and schooling often are influenced by the planet Mercury, its sign position, house location as well as the aspects from other planets it receives in the Natal chart.

If Mercury is poorly aspected or better still challenged by natal positioning this often indicates someone who may have difficulty concentrating, difficulty with the written word, perhaps difficulty with speaking (i.e. stuttering), etc.  This can indicate challenges with communication in general.  This is likely corrected and dealt with accordingly as they age and learn to adapt to these difficulties.  

On the contrary, those with a well-aspected Natal Mercury may have no problem speaking and relating to others and may even have teaching capabilities.  They may be well educated and may also be studious.  Some may have literary abilities becoming writers, public speakers and so forth.  The mind works well, and the IQ may be higher than the norm.  They may be good at solving problems, able to communicate easily or easier than others and in some cases (Mercury in Scorpio for example) may be considered deep thinkers.

Mercury Squares
Mercury Trines
Mercury Oppositions
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