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Aspects in Astrology

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T-Square Aspect
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The T-Square is an astrological configuration involving two or more planets in opposition (180 degrees) with one another and both making a square (90 degrees) to a third planet. This configuration can also be created in part by angles found within the chart. All three planets and/or angles should be within the same mode (Fixed, Mutable or Cardinal). The aspects creating the T-Square should not have an orb any greater than 10 degrees and the closer the angles are to exact, the stronger the influence of this configuration. Three degrees or less is considered a tight orb. The T-Square is considered less influential if the planets are in different modes, or if one of the points creating the T-Square involved is an angle (such as the Ascendant or Midheaven).

The T-Square, although considered a challenging aspect, does provide its recipient with motivation. Through applied efforts, the energies from this aspect will often produce viable results and a general ability to achieve in life. As this configuration has three planets creating it, when the energies are not expressed in their proper function, the planets becomes out of balance, leaning too much on one of the three directions. The area of life where the focal planet (which is the planet receiving the square portion of the T-Square) is found in the chart is often too accentuated and those with this aspect in their chart tend to put all the weight on the opposite area of life of where the “square” planet is found.

In other words, if the focal planet (the one receiving the two squares) is in the third house, we tend to focus our attention on the area of life represented by the ninth house. The area of life, described by the focal planet, its sign and also its house position can either be used creatively or become a source of frustration. Using the energies of the focal planet as they are intended to be use is highly suggested.

The T-Square needs activity in order to function well. As a result, you have to use the energies of the focal planet in a creative manner. A T-Square used creatively is often found in the charts of very prosperous and/or up and coming individuals. It is often noted that the focal planet is the most dominant planet in the chart and must be utilized in a favourable manner in order for results to be achieved. If not used properly, the energies of the focal planet can become a “thorn in the person’s side” and often create conflict and struggle in this person’s life.

It is suggested that the area (house) opposite the focal planet needs to be developed in some way so that balance is created. Individuals with a Cardinal T-Square have a tendency to bulldoze their way through any type of crisis in their personal lives. These individuals need to find ways to balance and understand the needs of other people along with their own needs. They need to understand that other people have their own perspectives and agenda and are also capable of deciding which way they may wish to move and of their own accord. The Cardinal T-Square operates in a similar fashion to the energies of the sign Aries.

People with a Fixed T-Square aspect operate similar to the energies of the sign of Taurus and have strong willpower and determination to succeed. They build up their strength over a period of time or concentrated thought and then plunge into action. They often need to find ways to release their energy constructively and also develop sensitivity towards other people’s needs.

Those with a Mutable T-Square have similar qualities of Gemini and are adaptable, changeable, versatile and restless. These individuals are influenced greatly by those around them. They will need to find balance in the way that they rely on others and understand that they can rely on themselves much more than they give themselves credit for. These individuals also need to stay the course in one direction rather than changing their minds midway and moving on to something new.

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