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Peter is such a gifted, passionate and extremely accurate astrologer as well as a kind, humble and intuitive individual. Words cannot express this benevolent man's soul. I had a CTI reading done through Holm Astrology and was flabbergasted at the accuracy and amount of information, past, present and future delivered in that one reading. I left there feeling inspired, confident, self-aware and most importantly, self-accepting. Holm Astrology is well priced and well worth the investment. So much so, that I'm booking a reading party with several friends soon. If you're reading this testimonial it's because you're interested. Well, I encourage you to no longer hesitate! Book your reading with Holm Astrology and Peter will definitely WOW you.


CTI Reading (Traditional oral chart with intuitive card reading)

QuotesI just finished reading the composite (relationship) chart done for me by Holm Astrology. I?m not sure what I expected, as I?ve never had a composite chart done before. However, this chart reading is, quite frankly, amazing. The accuracy, depth, and detail provided are excellent. The chart reading answered several key questions I had?and much more. The information was delivered with a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and thoroughness. I feel much better prepared now to move forward in this relationship in a clear, positive and, very importantly, realistic way.Quotes

KM, New York

Composite Chart Reading

Peter Holm of Holm Astrology had previously done an Astrology Oracle Card Reading that was "spot on" for me so I asked for his expertise again, this time for my Astrology Birth Chart..... Today I met with him & was amazed at his findings.... His attention to detail & interpretation of my chart was awesome.... There it was, all laid out in order of my life.....accuracy & clarity.... It is so amazing, that the way the planets align at the time of birth has such an effect on your life.... Peter's professionalism is second to none..... I will absolutely recommend Peter Holm of Holm Astrology to everyone I know.... Thank you, Peter, for this amazing gift you share....Awesome..... Namaste.... DA, Wasaga Beach, On.Quotes


Satisfied Client

It truly was a fascinating experience to meet with Peter and get my chart done. This has provided me with a further understanding of my past, present and future life events and milestones. Amazing experience - thank you Peter. MW. Barrie.Quotes


Satisfied Customer

Peter has a very special gift! The chart he did for me is a true reflection of who I am and why I am that person! It also allowed me to see my past with a different, more positive lens. While reading the chart I felt that not only does he have this wonderful gift, but it comes from a "holy" place. Thank you for your guidance!

Although I don't typically write testimonials after receiving a chart reading from Holm Astrology, I feel compelled to do so. This is the most thorough & accurate astrological chart reading I've ever had. It clearly identified not only my main character traits (and often their origination), but also many smaller, more subtle ones I have & it helped me understand more about them. This reading was done using only my birth date, time, & location-Peter Holm had no prior knowledge of me nor ever spoke with me before. Yet, his very thorough, well-written, & extremely detailed report made me feel like he?s known me for years. I also asked for transits (which have not been pleasant). Again, the depth & detail Peter offered regarding these transits was impressive and extremely accurate. He described in clear detail their possible impact on my current life situations (he was correct)Quotes

Kate M. New York, USA

Glad I made the Investment Part I

& importantly, he provided specific & helpful suggestions on ways I could attempt to navigate through them in order to learn the life lessons they're intended to teach (not easy ones right now?). The reports are very tactful but they don't 'sugar coat' things; what is, is. We can only grow when we accept & deal with our reality, & sometimes that's a bitter pill to swallow, at least at first. Subsequent to receiving my detailed reading, I had several questions. I emailed those questions to Peter, & he responded quickly & with great detail and clarity. I am in my early 50?s, have a moderate grasp of astrology, & have worked previously with several astrologers. However, I believe the quality, accuracy, detail, & professionalism provided by Holm Astrology surpasses them all. A reading by Holm Astrology is an excellent resource that will help you better understand & work with your life path. I?m very glad I made the investment & have no doubt you will be, too.Quotes

Kate M. New York, USA

Glad I made the Investment Part I

When this information is viewed fresh on the pages, it makes you laugh at your own transparency, and gain some clarity of the Whole Self, in a way that isn't feasible without this sort of 'big picture' objective feedback. That alone is worth its weight in gold! The chart reading is insightful, intuitive and overall affirming. Peter's warmth and skilled craftsmanship remain constant throughout. I recommend Holm Astrology whole heartedly; it's a wonderful gift to give, especially to oneself. Thank you, Peter. Warmest Regards, MK, Barrie, ONQuotes

MK, Barrie

Soul or Life Path Reading Part II

I was initially interested in getting an astrology chart done because I have found myself going through an interesting phase in life, & I feel like it is important for me to understand what I'm going through in order to prepare for the future. This booklet put into words a lot of things I have been unable to explain & has helped me understand more about myself. Reading this definitely made me more aware of limitations I may set upon myself & increased my awareness of obvious personality traits that I choose to ignore. I think it helps to read something like this with an open mind & ability to accept oneself despite the reaction to the negative & know there's always room for improvement. Thank you for making this astrology chart for me. I found it very insightful & should prove a useful tool.Quotes


Useful Tool Part 2

The astrology chart you typed up for me is one of the most accurate and most encompassing reflections I've encountered. So much so that I had to ask a family member if she had given any information about me prior to you completing the chart. I found it took quite a few reads to understand & digest all of the information. I think the overall presentation of the booklet is very impressive. I enjoyed how you are able to write with clarity. I found that the precision of your writings is present among concepts that are vague & have blurred lines. It's interesting how you are able to use astrological methods to explain various faucets of life. I was wondering as well as how you are able to write with insight into various personality traits & if you incorporate knowledge of psychic ability to accomplish this?Quotes


Useful Tool

Thank you, Holm Astrology, for my Natal Birth Chart. I've gotta say, I'm pretty freaked out by it! It's me, in a book. A little unnerving to see yourself written out like that, yet comforting at the same time. It helps me to trust the process - that if who I am comes from the alignment of the Universe, then I can feel safe in trusting that it will continue to take care of me. It's that simple. You gave me proof. Nothing is random. Not my existence, not even my personality or challenges. Also, I appreciate your method of describing those challenges too--with insight and suggestions to help turn them into workable and improved aspects of who I am. Guidance from above. Thank you for interpreting my stars.Quotes

Kim M.

Natal Birth Chart

I have read my chart and WOW. This Astrology chart sure captures ME. I still cannot get over how accurate it is. It certainly has helped me to understand the "why" behind my thought process and my emotion, and to understand the contradictions in my personality at times. I will reread my chart every once in a while for the reminders. I feel more at peace with myself now....amazing to me, for sure. The report also gave me some interesting avenues to think about and possibly pursue. It is rather exciting to me. It sure was the best money I ever spent.Quotes


Accurate WOW

My chart was quite accurate-personality & the events over the past year. I have always maintained that I am here to learn patience. You reiterated that. I am a firm believer in moving forward & looking for the lessons & the positive in all situations. It can be difficult though when things get shaken up. Descriptors (in my chart) of life changing on a moment?s notice, as well as having not 1 situation but 3 or 4 that are unexpected & not asked for, are very true. I find the whole idea of the influence of planets very interesting. It challenges the notion that we have choices in our path (other than how we deal with it). Your assessment of changes in relationships and lifestyle are correct. You were also very right in that amongst all the negativity which indeed is very overwhelming (felt as though I had the crud beat out of me) many good supports have popped up which I may not have used previously given my independence. My chart was great. Thank you for all your work.Quotes


Thanks Peter for my birth chart report, truly inspiring and enlightening. Your insights were so amazing and resonated totally with me. Much to digest and of course, I will be re-reading my report again. So glad I came to you for your valued services, much appreciated. Domenic R.Quotes

Domenic R.

Just had a chart done for my son and can't believe how accurate and insightful the information is. I'm so pleased I'm commissioning another one for another family member! thank you!Quotes


I wish that I could talk to every person that takes a look at your page and considers getting a chart done. Your insights are so acurate and thought provoking. This is definitely a science that you have mastered over the last few decades!Quotes

Leigh R.


I think you do an amazing job on your charts and I would highly recommend your services.Quotes

Darlene H.

Thanks for the chart Peter Holm. Easy to follow, cheap and crazy accurate.Quotes

Casey M.

Reading through it was so amazing! It also made me realize a lot about myself that I wasn't fully clear on, it's fantastic! I've never spoken to you in person, only gave you the bare minimum of the information you needed and you were able to pinpoint exactly who I am and factors in my life right now with such accuracy! Amazing!Quotes

B. Blaker

I just want to thank you, Peter, so much for the astrology chart you wrote up for me. Before I received this chart, I hadn't given astrology much thought. Upon reading the chart you wrote, I was amazed by the accuracy of it all. To this day, I refer to your chart and I find it extremely helpful as a guide, comforting due to its accuracy, and overall extremely effective. Thank you :) I would encourage many to get their chart done by you, as it's clear that you put forth your commitment, passion, and brilliance.Quotes

Lauren Elizabeth

The Moon's (Lunar) Node chart is very helpful in providing a mirror as to who you are and why you are here, a fundamental question to our existence. I wish the guidance counsellor at my local high school could have guided me with this kind of info to help make good choices with future studies, career choices and life choices in general!! Highly recommended for youth and late bloomers!Quotes

P. McNeill

I commissioned the preparation of a Compatibility Chart. I am now happy and confident in my chosen Life Partner. Holm Astrology explains why we are compatible and makes it clear, concise and meaningful. Peter also gives the charts the personal touch with his own observations and insights. The Compatiblity Chart for David and I is Bang On~~ I have read and re read it as have close friends and they are as amazed as well! You both are healers person at a time! Thanks once again for your good and honest work.Quotes

Judy L.

Thank you Peter Holm for taking the time to create my chart. Words can not describe how grateful I am for the tools you have provided me and you have shone a light that very much needed to be lit. Please visit the Holm Astrology!Quotes

Melissa T.

"Spot on, is the best way to describe my chart. It was a real awakening to read your comments. It helped to see what I am going thru right now as I was feeling a little lost. We?ll see how the next year plays out as far as what is coming down the road. Thanks for the eye opener."Quotes



I have now had 4 charts done with Holm Astrology and am extremely impressed with all of them. I have just requested a new chart as a Birthday gift for ?XXXX?....She will be thrilled!!...This is a great idea for any occasion! I have had both Natal Charts and Compatibility Charts done to amazing accuracy.Quotes


Nova Scotia

Reading my daughters Chart was so amazing. Having all of her traits laid out in front of me was a lot like seeing myself written in words. Seeing ways I can help make her a stronger and more emotionally fulfilled person as she grows up is definitely one of the best tools a parent could have. I look forward to experiencing her personality really develop because from what I see in her already and what I see in her Child Empowerment Chart, she is an awesome little person!Quotes


Barrie, Ontario

I feel this chart is a gift to me. I appreciate every word and believe so very much. I was drawn to your words and I love how this chart is worded. I loved the fact that I had to read it twice and the second time I had to use a dictionary. Thanks again for your words and this new guidance. I know who I am and now I just have a new knowledge on where to direct my focus!Quotes


from NL

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