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Ceres is an asteroid which is found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Its main influence in Astrology focuses on nurturing and protection, but has also been known to be connected to anguish and grief.

Some individuals suggest that Ceres is connected to loss and that people will go to great lengths to regain what was once lost even if it means discarding anything that gets in their way of this recovery. The problem is sometimes we cannot regain what is lost. This is where the nurturing instinct and protection influences may surface with someone who has lost something important to them or in direct relationship to “something” that has been physically lost to them.

The placement of Ceres by sign and house position will define what area of life needs nurturing and in what manner this nurturing can take place.

A couple of examples might help. We will use both the sign and the house placement for clarity. If, for example, Ceres were found in the sign of Aries, what this individual needs and wants to give would be self-regulated. They would work diligently driving themselves, sometimes using force, to achieve their objectives. Action is what is needed and if for example this were in the third house, their needs and wants may involve their siblings or even neighbours. A great way to help heal or nurture that which needs to be nurtured would be through communicative techniques with this example house placement.

With our example, the intellect would play a significant role in what unfolds. They would feel as though it would be up to them to move ahead and their priority may be to nurture what suits them or push for nurturing those siblings, but this individual would want to be the forerunner in what takes place.

Another example may be Ceres in the sign of Leo. These individuals would really appreciate attention and even admiration if it goes to the extreme. Above all with this example, these individuals would like respect and to be noticed for what they do even if the actions were being carried out for someone else.

They would want to control the situation but would have strong consideration for what the other person may want. If Ceres happened to be in the fifth house with our Leo example, the focus may involve a romantic partnership or their children. Enjoyment and experiencing life would be strong points with this placement and living life to the fullest would help in the healing process.

Let’s look at one more example. Let’s say that this last example, the individual has a Scorpio Ceres in the 12th house. This individual may need healing through acts connected to sexual expression or through internal integration and eventual transformation. There would be a need or deep understanding of the mystical or spiritual side of life and a strong want for full understanding of these subjects. Anything mysterious would open doors to eventual healing through deep self-study or a strong push to help others through their own methods of self-study revealing anything that needs to surface. This in turn would lead to healing deep integrated wounds.

Due to this placement of Ceres being in the twelfth house with this last example, this individual may work behind closed doors or undercover in some manner, as this work could be secretive or subdued in some way. They may work in hospitals or prisons or work as a volunteer for the underdog. With this placement, they may use their own understanding of what needs healing in others because they have lived under similar conditions themselves (knowledge through direct experience).

There is a strong need for healing and also to be the healing agent when it comes to Ceres in the Astrology chart. It is a mothering influence and some say it is connected to the sign Virgo with Venus having rulership. So Venus in the sign of Virgo suits this asteroid (which is also known as a dwarf planet).

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