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For many it has been a slow moving, worrisome and anxious period over the past year or so. We have been caught up in the pandemic, concerned for our fellow humans, the political arena has been volatile, job security has been less than ideal, children have been at home and the list goes on. We have all had our share of challenging moments.

There is a shift taking place and many are beginning to see hints of relief at least just around the corner. We just need to hang on a little longer.

We have experienced series of ups and downs on personal levels and have pushed our way though up to this point. Some have had upsetting experiences to say the least and others have had their eyes opened to a harsh reality. Yes; it has been a time that will not be easily forgotten.

So, as we move towards this new horizon where will we place our focus?

What will our objectives become and how will we maneuver our way forward?

Let go of the past and focus on what we can do to motivate ourselves in a direction that is more suitable, more lit, more peaceful, etc. Be open to the new as it arrives. Create a perspective of appreciation and gratitude. We all move together but everything for you begins with you.

What lies ahead is yet to be determined. What is important is this moment, right now! Rise above the worry and stress. Your tomorrow hinges on what you manifest today, so focus on the now!

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