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How often to you take a deep look within?

We are continually affected by life circumstances and may unknowingly take on qualities we consciously may not want to. Perhaps we have become resentful or jealous and compared ourselves to others.

An honest look is required to maintain growth and to understand ourselves. We can easily get caught up in survival and forget to live.

Change is rarely easy but being honest and seeing things as they truly are is the first step. Reacting instead of responding mindfully to life can cause us tarnish and we have to remember to polish away what does not belong. Although we may not particularly like what we see, the beautiful you is still there under the disguise of our reaction to events.

Hold yourself accountable but do not forget to forgive yourself too. Stop identifying with these qualities. Recognize that you have become aware of them. Without this recognition you cannot change them.

The self-study can be hard. Once we decide to make changes the process becomes easier. A little push is often all that is needed. No one is perfect. Be gentle and patient with yourself. If you stumble, simply get back up and continue on. One step at a time. Recognize where you came from and the progress you have already made to this point.

Be proud of your achievements and believe in yourself. You can do this!

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