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Have you ever just sat on the edge of an idea?

Did you wish that idea would just manifest in your life?

What can you do to make this wish come true?

It is beneficial to analyze your wish or desire. Who will it benefit and what might be some of the ramifications of this happening in your life?

Will it promote some type of overall advancement, or will it be just for you?

There is nothing wrong with wanting something just for you and it may not be selfish or egotistical to desire this wish.

You need to believe that your wish has potential to unfold. The more you believe the better chance it will unfolding on some level. Believing in your dreams will help. You can’t make things happen if you feel you are unworthy or that it is not possible.

Repeat the intention in your mind and out loud maybe each night when preparing to sleep and when you get up. Your belief in your dream is important and your expectations hold the key. It might not take place exact the way you envisioned but something leading you in the right direction is often all that is needed.

Go ahead, DREAM!

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