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We have observed that there is a general misconception about the evolutionary state of the astrological signs. We have received inquiries as to which one sign is more evolved than the rest? We have also been questioned if our spiritual self/soul follows any astrological pattern with respect to the astrological sign which we will be born under in any given incarnation?

In this Astrologer’s personal opinion (and I welcome input from any other astrologers) that there is no particular sign that is highest on the evolutionary path. This is not to say that an evolved Pisces or Sagittarius or even Aquarius might not seem more evolved during this incarnation from (lets say) an unevolved Scorpio, or ego oriented Aries. As suggested by this statement, each sign carries with it a wide range of characteristics on what might be thought of as an evolutionary scale. An evolved Aries could easily surpass an unevolved or evolved Pisces if the primary focus is on an evolutionary growth. All Astrological signs have highly developed personality traits associated with them and all signs have character traits that we can term as falling quite short of evolved qualities.

I believe that we come into this life with a particular purpose and the North Node, our Sun Sign and Ascendant play a significant role in describing this particular path. The energies associated with the other planetary positions add to this process and aid us in our evolutionary quest. Each individual has chosen a path found within the planetary energies to provide tools available to fulfil the soul’s advancement.

The soul may choose to come back in what appears to be a state which completely lacks evolutionary progress. This specific incarnation may appear to be at a somewhat primary stage in the eyes of those that interact with the individual. This does not mean that they are unevolved in any real sense in the overall picture. It only appears as though they are lacking higher understanding in this life. Through human eyes, we see but a glimpse of the overall picture.

There are also those that appear evolved in their current quest and are doing their part to influence many in their evolution but these individuals on a soul level may be less evolved than the previous individual just discussed. As human beings we do not understand this process or what our evolution truly is. We have preconceived notions. Who are we to judge? To what benefit is our judgement of this anyway?

It is believed by this Astrologer that those individuals that have truly found love and live life through love and compassion are the truly evolved ones. These individuals have something truly significant to offer. Each and every one of us has our own individual gifts which we are meant to share with others. What I lack, you may be able to teach me through example and what you lack, I may be able to teach you through example. We are all evolved souls on some level.

There are many stages of evolution within each sign and many stages of understanding or lack thereof. It is my personal belief that evolved souls have come back at this time to help with the transition taking place in our world. There is much work to be done and they know they can assist at this time while visiting this material world.

I surmise that on some level, we are all participating in this process. Could we be here to help others find their true selves as we strive to evolve ourselves? Are we here to guide others through example and through our only constant—love?

Is there an evolved astrological sign of the zodiac? I will leave that for you to decide!

For now it is important to recognize our own particular design and course in the incarnation. I believe it is important to continue to move in the directions that will assist our own evolution as well as the evolving story of all living things.

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