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Where do we turn when we feel completely lost?

There are times in everyone’s life when the future “seems” hopeless, when we just can’t find the answers to our questions/issues and we feel completely at the mercy of life.

Have you ever reach out to higher energies and asked for direction? It is important to verbally ask for help.

We are never actually stuck or paralyzed by life, even when we feel forsaken. There is always hope. Do we recognize what this hope looks like? The solutions may not be what we are hoping for but what we receive still is a solutions.

It’s important to understand that hope or refuge is accessible on many levels. Be open, listen and then wait for the response. Patience is a very hard lesson but it most often is the key. We must believe that in some way life will change.

There are those of us who live with illness, who are influence by the death of a loved one, confronted with death ourselves and feel lost and in a state of despair. These are very harsh examples of something each and every one of use will eventually face but it is still possible to find peace while experiencing these.

Death is not the end. It is a transition and transitions can be trying. I once read a quote (a cannot remember who it was from) that said something like …..Death is the turning off of the lantern but this does not leave us in the dark because the lantern is turned off since we have reach the dawn.

Forgive yourself for any issues you may be holding on to. Life events are temporary experiences that we are never supposed to own. Release yourself from guilt and “what if’s.

Equally important forgive those that did not live up to your expectations. Do not carry this karma forward. Deal with it now and transition with a clean slate. Forgiving others is a prerequisite to finding peace, but equally important is the peace found with pardoning self of our own mistakes.

Release ourselves from our hell as this exists is the torment of our minds. The only way to do so is to forgive ourselves and move forward in peace.

For those of us that have recently experienced death (literal death, death of a relationship, or change of circumstance in your life) be gentle and compassionate with self. We must allow ourselves time to experience a loss, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is important to grieve, fully and completely. However, it is equally important not to own the experience. It is a temporary experience, not a place that we are meant to take up residence in. We must experience the pain of loss to be able to overcome and adjust to this loss. Face it head on only then can we move beyond it.

Reach out to loved ones or professionals. It is perfectly natural to ask for assistance, to ask for advice, to ask for direction when we cannot find the answers.

Always remember, we are never alone. We do not have to do this alone.

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