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People have asked when it is appropriate to have their children’s natal chart prepared. Is there an age limit and when is it best to have their transits and progressions done? Will any of these charts assist parents to guide their children to utilize their strengths and overcome weaknesses?

It is suggested that a parent could have their child’s birth chart completed at any time in their lives. Some prefer to have their child’s chart done shortly after their birth and some find it more appropriate once their individual personalities are starting to develop.

A birth chart defines for the parent (they are written for the parents) their children’s temperament, their emotional needs and how the mind will respond to learning. It speaks about their strengths as well as any challenges that they may have and offers the parents opportunities and suggestions on how the child gathers information and then processes it. A chart will also help define the most appropriate way in handling their child’s emotional displays and emotional interaction with others. This is all completed according to their astrological signature which is quite different from one person to the next.

As mentioned, these charts are for an adult mind to interpret and not directed towards the children. This chart will offer suggestions astrologically for the best way to utilize the potential found in a chart. It will also offer suggestions on how to handle their children based on astrological data obtained in the birth chart.

The chart would be comprehensive and detailed. In most cases issues such as sexual overtones would not be included and we would not interpret health related issues. If there were deep psychological concerns that would surface within the chart or health related issues found in the chart, we would recommend seeking professional advice. There would however be suggestions on how to deal with other youth related issues and also suggestions into ways of assisting the child to enhance their skills and god-given talents.

If the child were perhaps in their late teens at the time of the preparation of their chart, it is recommended that only a natal chart be completed. Transits or progressions are completed for individuals who have an understanding of their own complexities. There are some that prefer to have a transit and progressed chart completed at almost any age, but weighing out the potentials and how a challenging aspect would affect a young mind is best addressed by the parent.

We usually recommend that any individual wait to have transits and progressions completed for when they have finished high school. This chart would offer reference material that would provide these individuals with an opportunity to gaining insight into their ever expanding life circumstances. In these charts, we speak in terms of some of the challenges that they may encounter but will focus on positive reinforcement.

It is our aim to provide insight and assistance to parent of younger children or directly to the adolescent for the best ways to move forward in their lives.

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