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We at Holm Astrology have always advocated a positive attitude towards life events and far be it for us to ever change this objective or focus. Our personal view of life should always be from a positive perspective regardless of what transpires at any given moment in time. We feel it is also important to not use any avoidance schemes or measures when life offers up something that you feel is less than ideal.

We are not meant to skim on the surface of life, although we are also not supposed to get caught up in what transpired in life, regardless of whether or not it is viewed as pleasing or stressful. Simply experience the moment. Experience the energy of this very moment only. Acknowledge that whatever is happening in this moment is transpiring for a reason.

Nothing in life fails to support us in some way or another no matter how traumatic we allow the outcome of any given even to affect us. The very events that we tried to run and hide from often turn out to be the lesson that holds the most value in our earthly journey.

We cannot escape whatever it is we need to experiences. It should not be our intension to escape anything life offers us, although if something stands in the way of our evolution, then we are not doing wrong by moving out of this condition. Conditions in life support us, but some are much more tedious than others. If a situation has outgrown its usefulness and no longer serves a viable purpose then why remain within its confines.

Our attitude towards life’s circumstances will always help us condition ourselves to what is taking place. We do not have to live within and own any type of horrendous conditions. We always have freedom of choice, even when it does not feel that we do. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that have to be played out before we can move forward but we are never stuck. Change is guaranteed.

In most cases, we have the ability to shake off the shackles that restrain freedom of movement. It is only our own attitude and belief structure that hold us back.

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