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We create our own experiences. When we are aware of this, we can begin to create an enjoyable life. Our focus and attitude create stress and resistance or acceptance and peace.

We influence our own existence, and we influence those around us by the energy we project.

We are constantly building our life. Our future will reflect what we put into motion today. Tomorrow is a formulation of what we believe is possible and where we place your energies.

It stems from deep within and is reflective of the concepts we hold true and the potentials we believe are possible. We strive to recognize and release thoughts that we deem irrational or unworthy of our focus. Over time the beliefs we hold true manifest. The subject of our beliefs does not matter. It is our commitment to them that does.

Our thoughts and expectations manifest. They may not be exactly as we envisioned but certainly reflective of the concepts. It begins from within and then materializes out into our external world.

If we are not happy with what our world appears to be, notice where your attention is placed.

We build on thoughts and this becomes our focus.

If we want more of something, focus on what we already have of that; not on what is lacking. See the bounty already present. Acknowledge the abundance that already is. If we are not thankful for what we have, we will not be thankful with more. We will only want more. Wanting is perpetuated.

Do not fixate on what is believed to be a problem, that simply expands the belief. What we focus on expands.

Our focus is just like a muscle. The more we remind ourselves to focus on such as appreciation, the more we appreciate and it becomes easier and easier to see all that should be appreciated.

It has been said that our lives are in our own hands. It certainly is. We cannot control what others do but we have full control over our response to life. Eliminate reaction and be mindful.

We build our life gradually over time. Place thoughts and expectations where they can do the best work.

Take control.

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