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Where are you in life’s journey? How far have you come? Do not judge the experience; just think of the life that has been experienced.

Now, ask yourself, what have you learned to date?

How has it affected you?

Do you feel stronger?

Are you more in touch?

Our inner core is always able to withstand any external stimuli. It has great resilience and although there are times when we believe that we are descending, in reality, we are building that inner core. I am not referring to our inner self or soul. The soul is always permanent and can be relied on at any time. What I am referring to is the individual that you are building during the process of life. I do not speak of the mind, as thoughts are generated through expectation or past experience. I speak of the core that has experienced life and feels more adept at handling life’s lessons.

If you are currently feeling lost and out of control, remind yourself that this is temporary and that the fog will lift. You will again see clearly and ultimately be stronger from this experience. It may not feel like it at times, but these apparent tests are put in place for you to learn from and gain momentum in your pursuit of spiritual growth. Just as with exercise, the muscle gets sore as we build them through the exercise. You are constantly learning through life’s experience and growth occurs through these involvements.

Life is full of twists and turns. Ride the wave. Sometimes life moves along almost perfectly and other times life can be like a volcano either waiting to erupt or it can start to spew molten lava. Remember these gather momentum and our thoughts and reactions form our emotional reality. Practicing mindfulness and understanding the process alleviates many of the “hurts” in life. You are learning to use the tools that are at your disposal and over time you will begin to use them much more frequently and with precision. Life becomes easier because we have learned to use these tools.

You are equipped with sufficient inner resolve to overcome and grow through all of life’s lessons. You are never at the mercy of life, but you are at the mercy of your thoughts and reactions. Live in the moment. Silence your mind.

Look at the blessings in your life. Life is so very good in many, many ways. Focus on these blessings. Little by little you will see more and more of them.

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