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Fights or Flight? Which is your normal response?

Life will throw events your way. They can and will be difficult. There are many events that we would rather not face. We may feel very hesitant to move forward but these events only serve as lessons to conquer not to distance ourselves from.

By conquering any difficult situation or at the very least giving it our very best, we gain insight into our inner resolve and tap into strength that we may not have realized we had. We discover something within that does give us hope and confidence, that instigates action, that require courage but that also can make us self-assured.

Take that leap of faith in yourself. Step forward and see where it takes you.

Build character and initiative.

Failure teaches us many lessons. Do not be afraid to learn. Have resolve.

Know that inside you have whatever it takes. Be confident!

It is not important that you conquer every mountain in life but it is important that you keep climbing. It is not about always winning because losses have their valuable lessons.

It is about trying and giving it your all. Do this and you have achieved.

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