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From the very beginning, our lives are conducive to creating including ideas. The ideas for our future probably began before we were born. Our parents may have dreamed and imagined what they wanted for us.

Some plans may have been formulated by someone else, but the action to put a plan in action must always come from us as an individual.

On a primary level, these plans can, but do not necessarily have to, refer to our occupations or material goals in life. These dreams could be the characteristics and qualities that our parents wanted to instil in us as we were growing up. Some parents might be forceful with their ideas of the way our lives should be; perhaps some were fixated on their own concepts and in ways that they believed they personally had fallen short.

Some of our parents may have believed that if we stepped out alone it would not be safe for us. They wanted to keep us safe. By doing so, were they denying us opportunity to grow or did they actually keep us safe from harm?

Some parents want to ensure their children have strength and the abilities to move forward on their own without having to rely on others. By doing so, were they denying their children the ability to learn to share their fears and emotions or did they build strong independent people?

Some parents wanted their children to fulfill their own needs in some way. The possibilities of all parents dreams and goals for their children are endless.

Many of us, as we matured, make changes where we believed changes are required and we hold on to things that we felt resonated with our core beliefs or that we take for granted (never questioned) or do not realize that there are other alternatives. Some of us still struggle with what was taken for granted during our younger years. We knew no different and now we cannot help but question things that we always considered unquestionable. Some of us have never given what they were taught as young children a second thought. Is this wise?

Questions are invaluable. Through study, discovery and openness we gradually built that which we hunger for in our lives. Some of us continually change our concepts and belief structures along the way. This is sometimes essential so that life itself can keep up with our ever expanding growth. We must release the guilt that we may feel towards shifting away from the fundamentals we were taught as children. We must go with what truly feels correct in our hearts (not our memory banks).

We are not suggesting that all that our parents or teachers have taught us was wrong but it is certainly progressive to think outside of the box and be open to new ideas. Questioning can actual verify that which we already know or it can also help us realize that we may have been mislead (intentionally or innocently).

With external connections, we can also practice the same openness...with our profession, with our day to day lives. Do not fear learning new concepts and ideas. Follow your dreams. What we need in life may be somewhat different from what we conceive we need but this too is okay. Dream anyway.

The overall picture of our lives can and will transform into whatever it is meant to become. We personally are our own greatest achievements and our lives are a manifestation of what we have materialized over time. We have brought life to life by our expectations and our belief structures.

What we now have in front of us is an accumulation of all of the details we have set in motion over time.

What more can be accumulated (and we are not just speaking of material things)?

Life continues to develop and grow. What is your contribution?

There are many avenues of expression for each of us. Each avenue of expression is built in perfect harmony for what we require in our lives in that particular moment.

Life is created. You are your life’s creator. What are you creating? If you are commenting on or have questions concerning a specific post, (even though you are making your comment on the post) please include the title of the post in your comment. We receive a notification of your comment but do not receive a link to the specific post. We cannot respond without your quoting the post name. Thank you.

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