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Reflect on all of the good that life provides. Refrain from focusing on what “you feel” you are missing in your life, or “why me” because of the difficult lessons you are learning from time to time. We want only to focus on life’s fulfillments and the love generated from within.

Be thankful for your life and all its blessings. Be thankful for that little voice inside. Be thankful for your ability to filter thoughts and act on them. Be thankful of the tranquility that the mind can experience through acts of meditation. Be thankful for all interactions in life that provide you will the resources necessary to move forward with your life.

Take a moment to reflect on your own personal life and all the gifts within it. In reality, they are too numerous to try to list. Take an honest look at your life. Be thankful for all the challenges that life provides you with for these are your stepping stones to growth.

Find that place within that brings you peace and contentment and reside there whenever possible. Be in the moment and appreciate that it exists. Embrace your chosen life and the rewards that are ever present. Revel in them! Above all be thankful for your connection with life itself and the understanding that you are of the oneness that exists in all things. Understand the truth of this oneness and know that you are an integral part of it.

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