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Amidst all that goes on in a day, it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle and we can lose site of who we are. We get so caught up in the “story” of our lives. We are here to simply live and fulfill the quest of the soul. Do not let anything dilute living now in this moment.

It is important not to lose sight of the fact that we are spirit living a human existence.

It may sound cold and it certainly is not meant to be as we feel compassion and love are the two most important responses in life. However, do not get consumed by human suffering and worry about what the final outcome might be. We came from pure spirit and are part of the source whole. We are spirit housed in physical bodies living an earthly experience and can easily forgetting our true identity. We are spirit and in this form have a pure understanding of all things. Leaning true love and compassion far outweighs the importance of any material gains that can be obtained while in physical form.

We are spirit, complete and whole - no missing links. We are here to live this very moment. This appears to be a transitional moment. Is this moment to free mankind from control and power struggles? Can we help mankind recognize its true quest to strive for love, peace, compassion, happiness and contentment in the moment?

It appears to be a critical point in our evolution? Are we the forerunners of this development? Do we hold the key to this goal? Without ego involvement, never belittle your importance.

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