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We will be having a Full Moon in Central Ontario (Canada) in the sign of Gemini at 22 degrees on the 13th of December at 7:06 p.m. Depending on where in the world you live, you may experience the full moon on December 14, 2016. You can check the timing of the lunar phases in your area at

Gemini is closely linked to the formulation of new ideas often brought on through education and conversation. Since once again this is a time to harvest, we suggest that you to take diligent notes on what you are being educated on. Harvest the knowledge you are being presented with as you may be able to use these ideas later in creating short transcripts or perhaps the writing of a book. With Gemini involved, it will be something along these lines.

It could be a time to market your ideas to the public or present these concepts perhaps within your schooling. If you have already been in the process of marketing your ideas now may be the best time to move ahead, especially if you have planets that link up with this 22nd degree. Trines and sextile to Gemini at 22 degrees will certainly work to your advantage. Squares to this degree may require more work on your part, while oppositions indicate that other people will have an influence in your endeavours.

Mercury, which is ruled by Gemini, will be going into its retrograde cycle on the 19th of December and will remain retrograde until January 8, 2017. During this retrograde cycle, you should be making plans in the areas we have just discussed. Then if fully prepared, move forward on these ideas (probably after the retrograde cycle ends). The retrograde cycle of Mercury suggests that rather than put things into action you would do better with making plans to do so. Move forward after this cycle is finished, which again will be any time after the 8th of January.

Mercury will be in the final stages of Sagittarius when it turns direct which is 6 degrees beyond being direct to this Full Moon.

Mercury will be in opposition to this placement of the Moon so the potential for someone to be of assistance with your endeavour is enhanced. Saturn will also be in the sign of Sagittarius and Saturn nearly always presents you with obstacles to overcome and may also slow down the process, so be patient and make sure you are completely prepared for this undertaking. Saturn’s restrictions are actually lessons.

Uranus is also in trine to this position, approximately 20 degree Aries, suggesting some opportunities will come your way, but you can expect the unexpected. Plans will materialize when you least expect them to. This is the energies of Uranus. Jupiter is also in the sign of Libra at this time which suggests some luck in obtaining benefits and expansion on these ideas. Jupiter can be very beneficial even when Saturn creates its hard lessons.

As mentioned, check your chart to see if you have other planetary positions at 22 degrees or if your MC or Ascendant is involved in the sequence of events. This will further define what opportunities or what obstacles that you may have to deal with as you move forward. Be sure to wait until the Mercury retrograde cycle is over before you actually take any concrete steps, if at all possible.

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