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We will be experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio at 2 degrees 31 minutes on the 22nd of April in central Ontario. If you have a planetary influence or significant point (Ascendant or Midheaven) within 5 degrees of the full moon placement, you will have heightened sensitivity to this Full Moon. Check your chart for house location of planets at the 2 degree 31 minute placements or points also at this degree to establish the area of life which will be affected. If you have several planets that fall at 2 degrees 31 minutes, it will be a time of activity and all these areas of life determined by house position will be activated.

Scorpio is intense and pushes transformation. If for example you have Venus close to this degree there will be an increase in social activities. If for example your Saturn is influenced, you may experience more responsibility in your life. If the planet Mercury is being influenced, your mind is subject to many changes and your thinking process will be affected.

Go a little deeper to include the house influence in your chart. If Mars is being affected and it is in the fourth house, you may experience changes within the home and with family. If Jupiter is involved and its house placement is say in the ninth, you may experience changes in your religious viewpoints or you may think about returning to school to further your education or you may experience some legal issues.

Transiting Pluto is in square to Uranus during this Full Moon cycle suggesting potential insight into deeper potentially transformational information. A heightened awareness is available although it will not be obtained without some struggle. Uranus always asks us to awaken to new possibilities and challenges anything in life that has gone stagnant. Pluto will uncover what this new line of action may be. Pluto will unravel deep hidden matters and bring them to the surface so we have to deal with them and Uranus will push for a change of direction and a new start.

We also have Saturn in a square to Jupiter adding a push and pull situation to our responsibilities and obligations in life. Part of us will want to slow things down and get to the route of this challenge in life. It will offer information from a higher source to help us with these issues or make us look at them from another perspective and from a higher vantage point. Saturn tends to restrict and it wants our undivided attention and challenges us to think things out before making any decisions. It wants us to be sure about what we are thinking about doing and wants us to take a safe, tested and tried route. Saturn appreciates roots and insists that we built on a secure foundation. Jupiter however pushes us with exuberance and optimism. Jupiter believed that now is the time to move ahead in life. It suggests alternative approaches that will broaden our horizons and that will heighten our experience of life. As we can imagine, Saturn’s restrictive nature and Jupiter’s expansive potential together can make things rather challenging and somewhat confusing.

Some of the seeds that we planted when the New Moon was in Scorpio are now reaching maturity. We will have to decide just what we should do with what we set in motion some six months ago. We may have all things in order, we may have to make a few adjustments or we may have to stop, begin anew and cut our losses.

Look deep into your chart and see where your journey may be taking you. Plan accordingly. Remember life always unfolds as it should, even when it appears as though it is not.

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