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There are times when our journey through life seems hindered. We feel weighted down and overwhelmed by life events which we seem to have control over.

Do not view these as stressors or punishment; these are valuable lessons from which we can experience our greatest growth.

Depending upon our attitude and focus, we may feel at the mercy of life and react in ways that do little but feel as though they send us backwards in our growth.

What do we do to relieve these tensions and how can we find hope when everything seems too harsh to deal with especially from a rational point of view?

We are never alone. There are many that walk this journey with us. Some that accompany us are angels disguised in earthly bodies and there are also those that are not visible to most human eyes. These are guiding forces beyond this earthly dimension that can always be relied on. They are always available to us even when you feel completely alone. If we quiet the mind, we can listen to that little bit of inspiration, that little piece of information spilling through. Pay heed to those quiet messages for this information is powerful.

Our guides are with us always and although we walk our own road in this life, they often provide a guiding hand, especially in our darkest hours. We can be so caught up in events and emotions that we do not notice the gentle persuasive nudges that points us towards the solution. The guidance or assistance is never overwhelming or forceful. As we learn to hear our guides, the voice can become much more direct, and we feel as though we certainly need to listen. Even with these more clear messages, the delivery is still subtle in its expression. It always comes through in a gentle fashion and love is in its expression.

Recognize that we are never alone. Our guides will always be with us.

We are one of the many sparks from the fire of life we call source. If we are all sparks of this one fire, who truly then are our guides?

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