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If you were to take a close look at the people around you, (co-workers, close associates or family members) you would discover that several of these individuals in some way harbour some form of negativity. They insist that reality is dark, people are shady and the world is full of hurt and devious concepts. They maintain their point of view and believe that if you have a clear, concise, close look around you, you cannot deny this reality.

In a very sad way, they have a point. When you view our world and focus on all the negative attributes, such as war, murder, violence and injustice, (just to name a few), you may find it difficult to rise above the weight of these. Those with this continual outlook only see their world in terms of shortages and rarely capture the true essence of life.

There are individuals that have allowed other’s corruption to control them. All the less than favourable events in this world cannot be denied and it is factually impossible to say that there is only good in this world. We must, however, take a closer look. If we truly look, we will see that for every negative act, there is or is the potential for a positive act. For every negative emotion, there is, if we so choose, a positive emotion. In most cases, the positive reaction holds much more substance than the negative reaction.

If we choose to not own any of the negative or ill-willed actions, how can we be deeply affected by them? If we do this are we not just turning a blind eye? Our general attitude and that which we focus on – be it doubt and fear - only serves to produce more of the same which results in filling our existence with doubt and fear.

Are we not hiding under a veil of illusion if we purposely focus our attention on only the good in life? Are we not misinterpreting reality?

Most of us are all quite aware of the facts and the issues in our world today but if we entertain or place our focus on these, what good comes of it? We must acknowledge those things that need our attention but these do not have to define our existence.

By focusing our attention on what we have, the beauty that surrounds us, the love, the experiences instead of what is conceived as “missing” in our lives, we capture something much more worthwhile. If we choose to focus our attention on what is missing, we create the illusion of lacking, wanting, needing and the list goes on.

Happy individuals find contentment from everyday affairs, from those people that surround them, from the beauty of nature – from each and every different aspects of their life on which they choose to place their focus. These individuals are aware of the world around them. They simply choosing to keep their attention on the meaningful, positive aspects that life has to offer.

Our focus on life’s events becomes a choice at that moment that we learn we have a choice. Parents and teachers mold our intentions at a relatively early age (whether they are aware of this concept or not), but as we mature, we develop our own awareness of alternatives. If positive thinking was not taught earlier in our lives, we now have the choice to begin to form our own objectives and focuses in life.

As mentioned in many previous writings, we choose; we allow and we accept. It is our choice to pursue life’s rewards, life’s beauty and life’s offerings. We were never intended to pursue a route that only produces indignant reactions. Open yourself up to the willingness to explore the potential wonderment that life offers. It is your right to choose which road to follow – a road of bewilderment and dismay or a road of endless potentials. Which will it be?

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