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There are times in any relationship that we feel as though the other person may drive us mad. Is this from their actions or from our attitude towards their actions?

It is important after moments of not-so-pleasant exchanges that we make the time to discuss with one another the events so that we can understand the “why” behind their actions and the “why behind our reaction”. Perhaps it is ego related, perhaps it is learned habit or perhaps it is just a moment of fatigue. Whatever reason we may discover behind these challenging moments, the discussion is moving us in a direction to overcoming the issue.

If we back off a little and do not identifying with our ego (ego insists that we win our arguments), we can review the situation and recognize that even the most upsetting discussions have their place and can offer a resolution as long as we release “pride and control”.

Letting go of ego’s control and acknowledging that both parties had their role to play in the argument will alleviate much of the irritation we tend to identify with. We must ask ourselves, in a year from now will this incident be important? Most arguments are temporary states resulting from moments of weakness. We usually rebound and can brush off the event and the exchange of energies can have a positive outcome.

All things in life are temporary. Do not let a difference of opinion steal your inner peace. If a resolution just cannot be found, there are only two obvious options. We can make an adjustment to our attitude, adapting to a more acceptable attitude or focus, or we can walk away from those things in life that we have decided we will never be able to find acceptable.

Most times in life, arguments are easily settled by acknowledging our differences and accepting others for whom and what they are. Open dialog helps us to understand others and for them to understand us. Sharing our thoughts and feelings is a wonderful opportunity to reflect, to make alterations, to understand and to accept.

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