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We continue our look at the hemispheres in Astrology. On October 7, 2019, we focused on the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Today we will focus on the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

The east (where the sun rises) consists of houses 10 through 3, centred around the Ascendant. The west consists of houses 4 through 9 centred around the DC.

Western Hemisphere

The Western Hemisphere houses (4 through 9) have to do with others and our relationships with them. This emphasis shows how we relate to others. If we find a concentration of planets in the Western Hemisphere, we have to ask “Are we giving away ourselves and spending all our time focused on the needs of others?” “Are we too focused on the needs of others?”

Those with this emphasis may lack self-confidence and can be reliant on others to help in life?

Some people with this emphasis are misused by others. They give away too much of themselves. These people can be dependent on others, and they are receptive to the needs of others.

An example of this emphasis could be four planets in retrograde in the eastern hemisphere and four planets between the 5th and 8th houses.

Eastern Hemisphere

The Eastern Hemisphere (houses 10 through 3) often depicts an individual who is self-contained, self-oriented, assertive and action oriented. The only thing that can slow this person down would be themselves. These individuals usually believe in themselves and feel that they can assert themselves in any way they wish.

Those with an Eastern Hemisphere emphasis can become overly protective.

In most cases these people truly feel as though they can succeed in life on their own. This does not mean that they will not ask for assistance or take on partnership but they are quite self-reliant and depend on their own judgement.

An example of the Eastern Hemisphere might be 2 planets in the 11th house, 2 planets in the 12th house and three planets in the 2nd house with one planet in retrograde in the 7th house.

Do you have a hemisphere emphasis in your natal chart?

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