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In our somewhat fragmented life, we skirt from sleeping to awakening to adhering to acknowledging to ignoring, to growing and so forth. We experience these and more in varying degrees throughout our lives. We jump pathways from time to time and can remain ignorant of what occurs around us while we are engulfed in our personal life’s circumstances. We lose sight that we are stumbling and remain captive by what is reflected in our focal point.

We live our lives imprisoned by our focus. In many cases we are not even aware that our focus keeps us stagnate or pushes us deeper into the issues that hold us captive and they become all encompassing.

Until we recognize that we are caught up in a web spun by our long term focus we are not free to live in the moment.

By stopping and recognizing this very moment, we can alter the course of our daily life. We cannot escape what must be done day to day or run from our responsibilities, but we can allow ourselves to climb out of “the rut”. We do not have to be imprisoned by our negative outlook. We can shift with a mere attitude change. Refocusing sets things in motion and removes us from unwanted feelings, but this can take time and repeated reminders to refocus.

Take time to reevaluate life and its circumstances. Know that all things are temporary. The more we focus on negativity, the more negativity we see. We can move in different mental states and/or attitudes simply by recognizing our lessons, building on them, releasing them and refocusing. We are not our life circumstances. We cannot get caught up in events. They are simply lessons to learn from and then move on. We can rearrange our thoughts and belief systems so that expectations are not interfering with our emotional health. Believe that you can learn and move beyond or adjust to any adversity. Have faith in the process and work on making that needed change beginning from within.

We know the concept but without following what we know, how can we expect change?

Knowing and adhering are two different things. Changes come when focus changes. Don’t ignore your abilities. You are the craftsman of your world. Ensure quality workmanship with your focus. You are a masterpiece! Know and believe then focus.

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