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During some trials in life, it is hard to believe that we will ever see the other side. We push ourselves through adversity and challenge what life presents us with. If we pay heed and put forth the effort that is required to learn the life lesson, however, we always see ourselves clear and keep moving forward. Sometimes it feels as though the fight is continuous. There are even times that we feel like throwing up our hands in defeat and give in.

These are stressful times. There is no doubt about it! Many individuals are struggling just to survive due to finances and others due to emotional fatigue and some with fear.

We do know, however, from a deeper perspective that this too will pass, and we will move through this difficulty just as we have other hurdles in the past. We are strong and we will make our way through as best we can

Attitude plays a major role in life, regardless of what life appears to be on the surface. We are never truly at the mercy of life although it can often appears this way. We can choose to change our mind’s focus at any time. Even when our minds slips back into old habits, we will recognize our thoughts and can refocus again and again. We all have this ability. The only thing that holds us in a stressful mind frame is our belief that we cannot escape it. Once again it comes down to belief structures and focus; and once again, we have a choice to make.

Do not give in. You are stronger than that. Stand up to whatever is in front of you. Make your way through as it is only a temporary hurdle. It will not last.

Stand tall in the face of adversity. Know that you will not only endure but you will grow because of these challenging times. You’ve got this!

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