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On August 21, 2022, the planet Mars went from the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus where it has been since July 5 into the Mutable Air sign of Gemini. Those that have planets in the sign of Gemini will have conjunctions to these planets during Mar’s stay in Gemini which lasts until March 26, 2023. A side note, Mars goes into retrograde October 30.

Mars is the planet of action and defines the energy which is required to motivate us in a particular direction. Check where your Mars is located in your natal chart by house and sign to see how its energies work in your life. Mars is known as the warrior planet due to its insistent push and aggression and when combined with the more challenging planets and difficult aspects can be quite formidable.

Mars in Gemini has to do with the desire to advance in knowledge and in general intellectual pursuits. This can be an educationally motivating time and the main reference point has to do with communication. Gemini is adaptable, versatile, and pursues information. Discussions or arguments can arise depending on other aspects to this position. The house of your T Mars will speak in terms of the area of life involved along with the natal position of how it might define itself.

Gemini is changeable and it might be important to stick with your chosen endeavors at this time once started. However, making up your mind might come quickly but sway under this influence. One minute you might think that you want to advance in a certain direction and the next you might be motivated to move in the opposite direction. Decisions can be challenging and your mind will likely be quite busy.

When Mars goes retrograde it may move over the same degree once again in the chart as it moves from the beginning of Gemini and turns retrograde at 25° and then moves back to 8° before it begins its movement ahead again. The first contact of any planet over the same degree of a planet or point in the natal chart is usually the most intense and intensity is often what Mars is about. During the retrograde cycle which lasts quite a long time we often have some time to plan our action and once direct again, we might move forward. Some say that it is not wise to move ahead with plans during retrograde cycles.

Think things out before you leap might be an advisable intention and watch for aggressive potentials if you have challenging aspects intertwining with Mars’ movement.

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