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Meditation is a wonderful tool for self-discovery. There are different techniques and one method often used is the breathing in of positive energies on the inhalation and the release of negative energy on the exhalation. It is a good tool to assist in the clearing of the busy mind and focusing on your objective.

Would it not be beneficiary to integrate this technique into your everyday life? Could we not programme the mind to utilize this technique routinely until you are capable of carrying out this procedure on a sub-conscious level? This practice will become automatic as you strive to create a harmonious and peaceful co-existence with all the surrounds you.

Remember you are the creator of your own destiny. You hold the key to opening your own personal doorway. Life is always in your hand. Make it work is such a way that you draw to you all “aspects” that you wish to make a part of our united whole. In the end, each of us become the individual we have always dreamt we wanted to be and always knew that we could be.

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