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MERCURY RETROGRADE - August 13 to September 5, 2017

Mercury goes into retrograde in motion three to four times each year (appearing to be moving backward). Mercury went retrograde on August 13 and will remain so until September 5, 2017.

Mercury is in the sign of Virgo for the whole current retrograde cycle. It is suggested that Mercury retrograde will affect people who have it in retrograde in their birth charts more than those who have it direct in their birth charts. As Mercury moves through your horoscope make note of the house in which it is located and check if it conjuncts any planet or angle during its retrograde motion. The astrological sign it is in during this cycle will be reflective of mental adjustments required. It may also affect the area of life dictated by the house positions that are affected by the cycle. It is also suggested that you review your Mercury’s placement in your natal chart, its house position and the aspects made to it because much of what your natal chart suggests may be area’s that will be affected by Mercury’s current transit.

Mercury retrograde is not a huge life-changing event; however it deserves mention due to the fact that Mercury is associated with the workings of the mind. As Mercury begins to slow down or at least appears to slow down, some experience a slowing down in daily affairs and this created an opportunity to reflect and contemplate life’s events. It is considered a chance to go over old material that you may have ignored or left buried previously. You may review decisions or make new decisions; however,quite often the best laid plans go astray during the retrograde motion. It is best to wait until Mercury has completed its retrograde cycle and then if possible move forward in the intended direction once it has returned direct. It is frequently indicated that the chance for plans to work out after Mercury goes direct is far greater and more often the outcome is positive.

It is suggested that we remain flexible during times of Mercury retrograde and not to sign any legal documents or agreements. There is a better success rate after the retrograde motion is finalized. This is not to say that you should worry if plans are made or documents need to be signed, as often times if Mercury is not making contacts with natal planets or is not poorly aspected in the birth chart, things remain relatively smooth flowing and little will interfere with plans.

This is a time of self-study, a time to reflect on who you are and a time to make decisions on what steps you might take to make improves. It has been suggested that individuals experience issues from events in their past, or they have not completed the lesson or have left issues unfinished. You now have the opportunity to make corrections or make alternate plans when Mercury moves into direct motion again.

It suggests that people and personal ideas are often the key to moving ahead in the proper direction. Some experience insights on alternate levels that propel them forward in a new direction. In most cases (unless highly afflicted in the natal chart and afflicted in transit through connection with planets or angles) it is usually not a time to be overly concerned about as very little may actually materialize.

Use this time to activate your mental process as it now becomes stimulated and opportunity is being presented. Any area that has to do with health and vitality as well as business-oriented concerns may be addressed now. When Mercury goes direct, you can act on these things in a positive manner.

Deep thinking and reflection for the betterment of all concerned can now be awakened during this retrograde motion.


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