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In Astrology, there are a total of 78 midpoints. Midpoints are the central location of two planetary bodies as well as the nodes, the Ascendant and the Midheaven. Using natal Jupiter at 8 degrees 43 minutes Aries and the Sun at 1 degree 3 minutes Aquarius as an example, the midpoint would be 4 degrees 53 minutes Pisces.

We always use the shortest distance between the two points. In other words, if you go from 1 degree 3 minutes Aquarius to 8 degrees 43 minutes Aries in a clockwise direction you have 67 degrees 40 minutes. If you go the other way (counter-clockwise) you will have 292 degrees 20 minutes. You will note that the shorter route in this case is clockwise. In other examples, it may be counter-clockwise.

It is not necessary for you to personally calculate the mathematics as there are many computer programs or websites which can do this for you such as Astrodienst. Astrodienst take into consideration all the planets from the Sun to Pluto, Chiron and the North Node. The rest you would have to calculate on your own or through another site.

When you have found the shortest distance between the two planets or points or nodes, you divide this in half and this will be your midpoint. So the midpoint in our example would be 33 degrees and 50 minutes, which will be at 4 degrees 53 minutes Pisces.

Once you have determined the midpoint of any two positions and as mentioned there are 78 midpoints, you will find a degree, minute and sign for all of these locations in the birth chart.

Midpoints bring together the energies associated with the two planets involved, although you also have to take into consideration the strength associated with the planets involved and discuss what that might look like. Our example of the Sun and Jupiter together would promote activities related to the goals and objectives associated with the life’s path of the individual having the chart prepared. This could be translated into their enthusiasm towards life and what it offers through teaching related to philosophy and spirituality. This individual may want to pursue this through the appreciation of others because of the feeling that they just cannot fail and perhaps that luck seems to follow them around. This could also lead to a feeling that they might be better than others and they may feel superior in some way. Ego might be enhanced.

Since the Sun also speaks of our vitality and Jupiter promotes growth and expansion, it could suggest that there is positivity to reaching greater performance through efforts or being in general good health.

As we all have a midpoint between the Sun and Jupiter which would obviously be different for many of us unless the placement is identical in our charts, this central position would have to touch a planet or node or angle to add to this theme. We all understand what the sextile between these two energies might look like, as well as any other aspect. When we put a planet at the midpoint of this position it adds to the overall influence when being set off by transits or progressions. Even if there is not a planet at the midpoint, we can use a three degree orb of influence at the midpoint and a transit or progression will set off these two planets or points, plus any aspects between them in the birth chart.

You can always look at the combined energies and obtain a free flowing expression and a challenging expression, but much depends on the aspect between the two energies or angles in the birth chart, as well as the energies associated with the two planets involved.

For example, there would be a huge difference between a connection between Jupiter and Saturn as opposed to Mars and Venus. If the energies go together well and the aspect between the two is positive then the potential for an affirmative release is heightened and vise-versa. There is also a huge difference between the energies associated with trines and sextiles compared to the energies of squares and oppositions.

We have more information on our sites about midpoints. Go to and search “Midpoints in Astrology”.

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