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We continue our mini forecast for Sun in Virgo. Part I was posted on August 23, 2019.

Today, we will look at the combination of transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn which are making a wide conjunction in September and October and then tightening up into the fall and early winter of 2019.

In January, they make an exact conjunction with one another at 22/23 degrees of Capricorn and this will be when the combined energies will be at their strongest, although many Astrologer including me understand that Saturn is at its strongest at 2 degrees past direct (because of Saturn’s delayed action). Using this past degree influence, the strongest impact will then be in early February.

There will be much controversy regarding these two planets linked together which will be discussed in full detail at a closer date. It should be noted that this combination will affect anyone who has natal planets and points close to 22/23 degrees but should have a profound effect on many of us.

This conjunction when in relation to those with their Sun in Virgo and in and around these degrees will note that they will be experiencing a trine to their Sun position. The Sun has to do with our goals and aspirations and also connects with our life passage as well as our inner most selves. Pluto and Saturn together can be quite tumultuous and can easily indicate some struggles with power and transformations taking place due to these initial stages of evolution. The evolution in question on a personal basis would encapsulate our life’s path and the goals we set for ourselves.

Trines imply easy flow and opportunities in obtaining benefits and are considered a viable and positive influence although these energies may not be easy to handle. The outcome over time should be favourable if the other planets in the birth chart agree. It would be wise to review all the details of what it is that you may be trying to accomplish. Being honest and forthright if others are involved would be the best approach; any underhanded approach may prove to be futile.

Quite often Pluto speaks of an ending of sorts allowing the entry for what would be considered new growth of relevance which points us in the right direction. Situations that have outgrown their usefulness may be subjected to critical analysis and then laid to rest or at the very least they would have to be reformulated in such a way that they would fit the path we are now evoking.

Saturn tends to hold on to what is known and what feels safe and does not like change of direction. It wants us to feel safe and secure and if after careful study decides to move in a different direction, it often rewards us with more stability and security that might otherwise not have been available prior to these changes.

The foundation may be starting to formulate, and we will have to make some adjustments to that which we are creating, but most often what we are putting in place now carries with it longevity and productivity that will enhance our continued growth. Use the energies wisely and don’t miss any steps as insisted by Saturn.

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