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Periodically throughout our life’s journey there will be times when it seems like everything is coming at us. It seems that no matter which way we turn challenging conditions come out of nowhere.

These are tests of our beliefs, our resolve and our commitment. If these cannot be challenged, how can they be forth having? If we can find solace in these, they are real and worthy of our commitment.

There may be times when events and emotions feel too difficult, and we may want to let go or run from these complications. We understand the process and even though we believe that good things are just around the next corner, we may feel as though we do not have enough determination to make it though. Part of us tells us to push our way through and another part says to give in or let go.

Letting go is not giving in. It takes faith to let go and allow. If we have done all we can do and there seems to be no reprieve, then letting go and letting God/Source/Higher Energy (call this whatever is comfortable for us) is always an option. There are some individuals who completely live their lives this way recognizing that life happens the way it does for a reason and we are not at the mercy of life, although it appears this way. We have to let go to connect with our higher relationships which includes the one within.

This is not a weakness. The leap of faith takes strength. Reaching out and recognizing our connection with source is a valuable lesson.

Life surely does take us down many different roads; some are very difficult to navigate. At times we run up against what appears to be dead ends or unscalable walls. When the wall is too high to climb, we can find ways to tear it down or be lifted over. We should not be afraid or ashamed to ask for help but if we do, we must be open to the answers that come our way. The answers may not always be what we may be expecting or want to hear.

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